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Thread: Ever had ABU or Bambino deliver to a dorm?

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    Default Ever had ABU or Bambino deliver to a dorm?

    Just what the title says. Have you college aged people ever had either one of these companies deliver a package to your dorm? I would really like to place an order, but I am super paranoid, and wanted to see how it turned out for other people. Thanks!

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    Both sellers are pretty discreet, unless you have a roommate, there's probably very little risk. (I'm pretty sure both shipping addresses are a generic "Shipping Warehouse 184 Bullsh*t Ave"

    That said, I'd still exercise caution, and perhaps have it delivered Post Restante if possible.(Essentially, you mark it as Post Restante, present ID at the post office, and they give you your package)

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    I know both Bambino and ABU do discreet packaging, brown boxes.
    On the shipping label I forget when ABU puts, tho Bambino is just TBHG.

    Tho I do agree with if have a roommate, that may make it harder to open
    the box and hide the diapers.

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    Not ABU or Bambino but Cuddlz which are basically British Bambino, it was only a sample but other than it being obviously too large for the post box there was no way you could tell what was inside due to the packaging used and the lack of any useful company name on it. AB/DL companies are fully aware that their customers want a lot of discretion when ordering from them and they do deliver, I have yet to order from an AB/DL company who did not provide excellent discretion with their packaging.

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    I have bought many packs of diapers while in college, including from bambino and ABU, and many of those times were during my years of having a shared room. ABU and Bambino are both very discrete in their packaging: plain boxes or envelopes and nothing in the writing that would suggest the nature of what is inside. Other companies or ebay sellers are another story. If you have a snoopy roommate, you will need an excuse about what you got in the mail. When I did it I told them it was a care package from home and nothing else needed to be said, but my roommates were not very snoopy at all. Overall, you should be pretty safe to go ahead and buy whatever you want.

    Do you know how packages are delivered in your dorm? When I lived in the dorms they gave us a note telling us to get our package at an office, this was very nice as I could get the package when I knew my roommate had class and would not even see me bring it in. They would deliver smaller packages into our boxes however, and more than once I had a cloth diaper or diaper sample squished into the box and had to explain them to my roommate. The more you know about the size of your order and the way the package will be delivered the better your decision can be about how to proceed. If you have a chill roommate and can anticipate when your item will arrive and how big it will be, you have nothing to worry about.

    Make sure to be careful when opening the package and when wearing, I have had several close calls when opening packages and when putting on diapers. The real risk in all these things is getting caught wearing a diaper, not so much in ordering them.

    Good luck.

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    What?!?! to do that would be insane! But anyway nah all should be good, most of the good suppliers of kink stuff mark the boxes as computer parts anyways. So long as your flat mates or whoever don't read labels or riffle through your stuff you should be good.

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    Diapers delivered to a dorm just screams askign to be caught!

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    Default Re: Ever had ABU or Bambino deliver to a dorm?

    Do you have a FedEx, UPS store, or other shipment shops around your campus somewheres? If so you can have it delivered to one of them instead of your dorm that you can pick up at your convenience. All you do for a UPS Store is have the store as the Shipping address and then address line 2 as your phone number so they can give you a buzz when your package arrives.

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    Default Ever had ABU or Bambino deliver to a dorm?

    I have had diapers delivered to my school address several times. Bambinos come in a plain brown box and I just pick them up from the school post office. Never had any trouble. The only way I think it could go bad I if they just drop the package at your room and someone else might open it.

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    Thanks everyone. Interesting feedback. I'm still trying to get the guts to do it... :P

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