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    Is pull ups or adult diapers better to wear in public

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    To me it's personal prefance. I wear dipers in public all the time as I wear 24/7.

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    Well pull ups are more discreet but if you are going to do for absorbency then definitely adult diapers. All are possible to conceal if done right and for the most part people aren't really looking to see if your bum is padded anyway (unless they are ABDLs... wouldn't that be something?).

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    up to you and how comfortable you feel in wearing in public i would say.

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    From personal experience I would have to say adult diapers because you can do more with them than pull-ups. I have worn them under jeans and cargo pants and people around me are none-the-wiser. If you do it correctly I can assure you that no-one will notice.

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    Depends on what you mean by better, pull ups are more likely to be discrete but adult diapers have the better absorbency so you'll be able to go longer without a change. Both have their good and bad points so just pick one or the other because there is no real wrong answer at the end of the day.

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    If you are wearing around someone that knows you and it's a typical disposable diaper they will be able to tell.

    This is 4 shots of diaper notice-ability.

    Notice the Giant Butt I suddenly acquired!

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    Disposable for extended wear, for the amount it can hold and for the ease of changing to a new

    pull-up if you dont pee much and is only out a short time and dont want it to be seen at all

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    Personally I I do not use pull ups. Never found one that works for real use. If you really don't need a diaper then yes they will work for you ,but if you are using them to protection then no use a full diaper. I learned the hard way don't you make the same mistake.

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    To me, pull ups are not comfortable to wear. Diapers with tapes fit much better for all day wear. I hade a droopy diaper.

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