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Thread: Would you change someone else's diaper?

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    Default Would you change someone else's diaper?

    For many people, diaper changes are an important part of the diaper fetish or their TB/AB activities. On occasions when you meet up with other DLs or TBs/ABs, the topic of diaper changes eventually comes up.

    Logic dictates that for every DL/TB/AB who wants to have their diaper changed, there has to be one person who's willing to do the diaper change. This thread isn't about asking others to change your diaper, this thread is about the other side. Hence my question:
    Would you change someone else's diaper? Yes? No? Whose diaper? Why? Do you have any experience? Please exclude real babies from this discussion!

    As for me, I have a fair amount of experience in changing other people's diapers, although please don't ask me to count the number of times I've changed diapers...I'd have to dig deep into my memories. I wouldn't say I'm an expert - I simply copy my mom when I observed her changing my younger brothers. However, it's not a task that's easy to do as every person's body has a different shape and I have to adjust to that and practice a bit, so the diaper may not fit perfectly the first few times around.
    That said, I'm not picky about whose diapers I change, although I certainly won't do that to just any random person on the street. I consider it a service of some kind - I don't mind doing it, and if the other person is happy to get a diaper change, then I'm happy to help. But, as I said, only for people I know and/or appreciate.

    So, what's your opinion or experience?


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    I think I might...Depending on the person though...And probably not if they messed it...I'd have to be faced with it to know for sure

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    Only girls... guys, it's just too close for my liking, besides, I don't fancy wiping a man's genitals. Women, on the other hand... wet, messy, whatever... BRING 'EM ON! *Hur-Hur*

    Sorry. Had to.
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    The only person I think I would diaper would be my partner (which means only guys) during DL-activities. Since I basically only have fetish for diapers it would feel weird to do it in another situation, where the sexual part isn't involved. Not that I have any experiences changing diapers though.

    EDIT: And I wouldn't change any messy diapers. That's just above my grossness level. Thanks for pointing that one out, Pojo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pojer
    I might...Depending on the person though...And probably not if they messed it...
    I would consider doing a manly man's if he did mine in exchange, however as Koval mentioned no

    wiping a man's genitals
    would occur.

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    I seriously doubt I ever would. I'd feel really weird putting a diaper on another adult. Well, with one exception - my wife. Though THAT would never happen!


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    I'm really not sure if I would or not. It sounds quite interesting, and I'm fairly sure I wouldn't be disgusted or creeped out by it. It'd be weird if it was someone I'd just met, but I think I'd be alright doing it for someone I've known for a while.

    In fact, I'll go so far as to say that I think I might actually enjoy it. It'd be an interesting experience, just as interesting as having it done to me (which I would expect in return ), and I think it'd be quite nice to do something for someone that they really, really enjoyed.

    However, I'd be terrified of doing it badly! I've got not experience doing it, and if I did something wrong I know I'd hate myself forever for ruining the experience for that person

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    I have done it in the past, though my experience with it is probably somewhat different than many other people here. For me, it was part of my job requirements. For a while, I worked at a program for severely handicapped teens and adults, mostly the severely physically and mentally challenged people. It was a recreational program and for the more highly functioning we did activities, even a swim program, which is how I got involved in this in the first place as I was initially hired on as a lifeguard for a few hours once a week, but the program director liked me and I needed the money, so I worked more for them.

    Anyway, some of the more challenged participants in the program did wear diapers and it was part of the job to change them if need be. The situation did not always arise, but it did from time to time. Personally, I did not like doing this at all, but the job was better than flipping burgers - at least I was making a difference in these peoples lives, which is something that is important to me.

    I have met with one other DL locally, we've gotten together a few times over the course of a few years, though not recently as unfortunately we have lost touch. I believe that he wanted me to change him, though I declined and he was understanding of that. I'm not saying that I wouldn't, but it's not something that I really care to do nor really to have done for me, though I would do it if the right situation were to arise. No mess though, no way am I going to deal with that from someone who has full control of that. I've dealt with that from people who can't control it and I don't ever want to deal with that again.

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    I'm really more about seeing a girl in diapers, rather than wearing them myself. So yeah, I'd only change the diaper of girls I find attractive.

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    Well with me being straight I would only really feel comfortable changing a girl's or being changed by a girl to be honest. Also I wouldn't be to keen on a messed nappy, it would have to be a very good friend for me to do that, pheraps a girlfriend, I highly doubt I will ever have a *B/DL girlfriend anyway.


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