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    Second attempt, sorry if I came over as creepy or something the first time. Not my intention. Anyway:

    I am a guy, interested in all things aviation pretty much. I love travelling, really, a lot! But airplanes more, so I'll usually book the flight with the most stopovers. I enjoy messing with computer hardware, and hanging out with friends when I get the chance. Three of my closest friends know about the diapers, and they're cool with it, so bonus point there! I am working to become a pilot, through an aviation academy. I really hope to be sitting in the point-end of the aircraft one day.

    Anyway, what got me into diapers? I don't know. I just know that I've pretty much always liked them for some reason. I don't wet the bed (although occasionally I wish I did), and my growing up was pretty much normal...

    I am looking to talk with some people about my experiences, mostly. I find it's a lonely world for DLs, since even though my friends don't mind, they'd never understand or do it themselves...

    So that's me. Looking forward to get to know you guys and gals!

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    Hi dutchietb, Welcome to ADISC!

    I too love traveling and airplanes. I usually book my trip depending on the type of plane being used, even if that sometimes it means an additional stop

    I am also into computers! I also like cars.

    What is your favorite airplane? I like the 777 but I have yet to have the chance to be on an A380 or 787 yet so I have a feeling that that could change one day. I also like some smaller planes too, my favorites aren't all widebodys. Sometimes I enjoy a ride on a Dash-8.

    Nice meeting you, hope to see you around

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