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    just lately I'm feeling little, almost too much. not that I really mind, cause the feeling is awesome, though naturally I'm not in a position to act on my feelings as I need to... the down side is that I'm kinda going up and down, one minute I feel sooo happy that I want to run around cuddling my Teddy, and the next minute I feel like curling up and sulking. I know this is not good cause it's interfering with other things I've got to do, but I just don't seem to be able to keep my little guy quiet at the moment. Even when I deliberately get involved in distracting activities I find myself drifting off into daydreams.

    Sorry for the blog like post, but I am wondering, as it is only a few months since coming out to my partner, is this situation going to occur more often now that I've stopped repressing my desires. I do like that I'm able to more freely express myself, but worry that it could take over.......

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    Usually the downside of the AB is due to:

    1. Not getting your needs met.
    2. Feeling unable to fully accept and love yourself for who you are. (Judging yourself because of what you like.)

    Lastly, it is also a fact that giving in to the AB side is a bit of a mental/emotional high... and as usual in such situations it's possible to "come down" and feel down.

    I think that pretty much covers the main reasons you are possibly feeling this way.

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    Try to set up a boundary between the Big and Little in you. That is the only possible thing I can think of to help you... sorry that it isn't any more.

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    I have been having the same problems- my abdlism is getting more intrusive in my daily life. I used to just use a few times a week and really enjoyed making time to devote to it, but lately I seem to be doing little else. Next week is finals, and this week all my papers and presentations are due, but because I have been so depressed and the cravings to regress so strong I am really getting into trouble at school. It is a feedback loop: I feel stressed so I regress to feel better, regressing takes time that I should have been using to study, not studying enough stresses me out, and it goes round and round.

    I am also feeling the same thing you described where one minute I am thrilled to be watching a chirstmas movie cuddled up in a diaper and cozy pajamas, the next moment I am just sitting there staring into space too depressed to even move. I also have moments where I get really anxious and start hyperventilating and panicking about everything. It is exhausting to be cycling through anxiety, depression, and escape all the while not doing my schoolwork, preparing for my future, or even taking care of my body.

    My advice, not that I am following it myself, is to allow your desires to do their thing but to set limits on it. Repressing things like this doesn't do much good in the long run, but letting them run rampant causes nothing but grief. Give abdlism its allotted time, but set limits about what you let yourself do and what you let yourself buy etc. Maybe make a certain place a little-free zone where you can get other things done and make another place into a little zone where you have no cares or worries while you are there. If the sulking phase of your time continues or gets worse, look into getting some help from a therapist or a family member/loved one.

    Best of luck, I hope you can regain control of your little side. Remember that parents that let their kids run rampant only hurt their kids and their families. Kids as well as our little sides need a healthy combination of love, attention, and acceptance, but they also need structure, rules, and guidance.

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