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    hi, I know there are plenty of places to buy adult nappies online. But i dont want to do that as i have only a few days alone to have some "fun" shall we say. I was wondering if anyone knows of anywhere in south yorkshire where i can physically go and buy adult nappies. I am really looking for a private shop or something like that. I dont really want to go and buy some from a chemist I would rather buy from someone who understands. If not does anyone think pull ups, drynites or any other baby ones would fit a 28 to 30 waist.

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    Quote Originally Posted by daddyaaron View Post
    If not does anyone think pull ups, drynites or any other baby ones would fit a 28 to 30 waist.
    drynites for sure...

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    If you are short on time, find a website with next day delivery? If thats still no good then you would be limited to places like boots to buy staydrys.

    As for wanting to buy from someone who understands, nobody cares what you are buying, but if it does bother you that much, if you were to go to boots, their larger stores have self service checkouts.

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    Have you tried your local ASDA superstore?
    Many of the chemists attached to the ASDA's are stocking Tena Maxi Slips, at least they are in southern parts of the UK

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    Larger boots stores usually sell Attends equivalent diapers with 4 straps. They aren't bad.

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    problem i have with delivery is i am working every day other than tuesday and my partner will be home till like midday tuesday. I think im gonna try some drynites and perhaps grab some pull ups or something as a stuffer. when she goes away again i will plan it better (if i enjoy it as much as i think im going to anyway!) I will make sure i got a couple of days off work myself to do it.

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    im a 28/30 waist and drynites fit well. just be carful with your thumbs on the side straps though

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    Turns out drynites are ok. Bit tight as i expected but they go on

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