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Thread: New Here been been AB/DL forever!

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    Default New Here been been AB/DL forever!


    I have been on numerous diaper sites over the years and have mostly been lurking and observing. I have slowly come to the conclusion these feelings will never leave me. As much as I want it just won't ever stop. So I have decided to look for the positive side of things the best I can. I don't wish this need to wear diapers on anyone. So I am here to live and learn and try and be a much better person over all. Cheers Fishy

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    welcome fishy1! i hope you enjoy your time here at adisc. in my book there are many worse issues to deal with than having an ab/dl nature. i was an online partcipant back in 1997-2001 and then a lurker for a long time, and i got back into the online scene when i turned 30. it's a lot of fun and helpful to have understanding people to talk to. hope to see you around!

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