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Thread: Greetings fellow weirdos

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    Default Greetings fellow weirdos


    Well I'm generally a pretty shy guy in real life but I can pretty much hide behind the beautiful (and as it turns out cruel) anonymity of the Internet.

    I'm interested in DL, wetting and desperation - occasionally hating myself for it but not quite able to kick the habit...

    Obviously I'm just making this post to reactivate an account but I guess you've twigged that already! Apart from being a closet weirdo I like to make stuff; mostly technology, but I tend to lose interest quickly and come back to it years later!

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    It is nice to see you rejoin the site and welcome back
    How ever it is not a very nice way to reintroduce your self as a fellow weirdo, Many are here to learn and understand why they have a need to wear diapers while other members may have to wear for medical reasons and just want friends that will not look down on them.

    So I am trying to say be nice as you are not a weirdo and neither is any other person who has a need or want for that secure feeling they get from being in soft warm comfy diaper's.

    Now with that being said WELCOME BACK and ENJOY

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    i, however, think that weirdo is a cute and appropriate term for people with our shared harmless interest :-) so, just like the world at large, adisc is full of variety. welcome, base!

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