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Thread: The Final Frontier

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    Default The Final Frontier

    <open hailing frequencies> Any Star Trek fans in this sector?

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    I used to be, especially when the first series came out. It really was ground breaking in some of the social issues which it took on. I enjoyed the following series as well, and thought the Borg were incredibly scary. After that, they began to lose me. I've enjoyed all the movies and I tend to agree with the premise that the even numbered movies were better than the odd.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GolfCub View Post
    <open hailing frequencies> Any Star Trek fans in this sector?
    There's a group. I suspect there are plenty more Trek fans floating around out here, though.

    I enjoyed the Original Series and Next Generation. That was where it ended for me, as far as the TV shows went. I just couldn't quite get into the others. On the movie side, I like 1, 2, and 4. And the odds were pretty awful! Also, though I know this will make all of the die-hardest fans hate me: I actually liked the J. J. Abrams reboot. *runs and hides*

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    Yo Trek fan here. Been watching The Next Generation since I was a kid, seen the movies, and am currently working on completing the entire Voyager series on dvd... the physical dvd packs mind you...

    Heck I even like how they blended elements of Voyager into the movie First Contact.

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    I watched every episode of sttng, ds9, and voyager. I stopped at Enterprise.

    You still can't beat Captain Kirk.

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    Never seen any of the actual shows and when they made a movie, I rolled my eyes and was kinda like "oh great" then I actually watched it and loved it and want to find time to watch the show.

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    I've been a Trek fan since I was a kid. I grew up watching The Next Generation when it was originally on the air as well as episodes of the original series my uncle had on VHS. I never really got into Deep Space Nine, mostly since I never really had a chance to watch a lot it when it first came out, and there is a lot of nuance and deep content I didn't get at that point (I think I was barely in Junior High when DS9 came out). I started on Voyager and watched the first 2.5 seasons when that was originally on the air, but I was at an age where I didn't really "get it." I have actually also been to a couple of actual Star Trek conventions, just to give you an idea of how big a fan I am/was. I am also one of the seven people alive that actually enjoys Star Trek V: The Final Frontier. Before the semester got crazy on me, I had actually started watching DS9 from the start. I was surprised to discover how much I was enjoying it, too! Someday I'll turn back to that and finish that (and Voyager).

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    I was introduced to startrek when I was little and have loved it ever since. I have watched every series in their entirety. While I am sure I will get some flack for this, I will now list my series in order of what I think was best.

    Next Generation

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