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Thread: How to like diapers more for that Special feeling?

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    Default How to like diapers more for that Special feeling?

    Ok this is a weird topic but when I was younger I was very obsessed with diapers and now as I am older I am more obsessed with the baby side of things. Is there anyway that I can like diapers more like I used to? I would really like to be able to feel what most of us feel when we put a diaper on. To me when I put a diaper on its just a diaper and nothing special. So what I want is that special feeling back. Can anyone help me?

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    To me, diapers are like intoxicants. If I wear too much, the effect you speak of lessens. If that feeling is something you're into chasing, I suggest going without them for a while. That would be the sanest thing. I'm of age, so when I need a special boost I have 2 beers and a large Gateraid and really wet 'em. You might try accessories, too, like plastic pants, boosters or creams. Good luck!

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    I agree with xtrabulk on this one. Sometimes like love, absence makes the heart grow fonder. I find that sometimes I get on kicks where I will want to wear diapers everyday, but then I end up taking a long break from them (usually forced because of lack of time in my line of work). But when I get to wear diapers again after an extended break, it's so much more exciting and special and I enjoy them even more!! Try stopping for like a week or more and see how much you miss it!

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    Do you have a onesie/romper/bodystocking and some footed pyjamas?

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    No, I don't have any AB clothing, and I hardly wear at all right now I am just wondering how I can love more than I do now.

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