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    Can anyone help me Iíve been talking to my gf about wearing every since we both got onsies.
    she thinks Iím joking but i told her im interested a little but when we went to buy some today I bottled it and she didnít think I would go that far anyway is there anyway I can not be scared lol.

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    Just do it?

    Go and buy them without her. That way, when you feel the urge to try again, you already have them.

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    sorry to say it, but i think you are beyond help at this point... good luck..

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    My advice...
    Go wear them, but don't force her to wear them. You can ask her to join if you want, but don't make it an uncomfortable situation for anyone.
    Be honest, and if she doesn't understand, try to explain it to her. If AB/DL is apart of you, then you can be honest in telling her this is apart of you, and if she loves you then she will accept you for you whatever your quirks.

    But of course I never been in that type of relationship so you can take my advice for whatever you want.

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    surprise her, when you both strip down to your onesies, show off some crinkle and see what she thinks

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    Ok thank you everyone, I think I will buy them when not with her as I never have a problem then and just surprise her one night when she gets home from work.

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