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    I have only recently started to buy diapers and wanted to know where the best kind of diapers to buy at stores (since I can't have them shipped to my house). I weight around 160 (more muscle than fat) roughly 32 inch waist. I was thinking about getting xl goodnites. I am open to any suggestions.


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    Hello there, and welcome to the wonderful padded lifestyle!

    The more time you spend here, there more you will discover how everybody has their own preference as to which is the better product.

    Best advice I can give you is try as much as possible and see what you like best. You should ask yourself the question what you are looking for in a diaper. Just some padding to feel safe and comfortable, or do you want to be able to relax and use your diapers as and when you need? The Goodnites are easy to buy, and are comfy fit, (they will fit your body). They will not hold much use though, so be careful. For slightly better diapers, still easy to buy in Walgreens/Walmart etc is the Depends Protection with Tabs. Still lighter on absorbancy level, but soft white plastic, with 6 tapes to help get good fit. You would be size S/M.

    If you are able to get to a medical supply store, or independent pharmacy you might get some Tranquility ATN diapers. I like these a lot, and always get some when visiting the USA. Safe plastic cover, nice thickness. The Tena Super brief is also quite nice, although green in Colour. Fabric outer, rather than plastic, but again I seem them a lot in medical supply stores. Large packs, safe diapers. Feel nice. The Staff in these places are always so helpful, and willing to help.

    Sure others from the community will give even better feedback. Good luck and enjoy!


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    Have you ever heard of prevail diapers? Are they any good?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Infantmess92 View Post
    Have you ever heard of prevail diapers? Are they any good?
    I haven't ever tried them but I've seen them around and they don't look too impressive. Buying retail you're sort of doomed to lackluster diapers, so compared to what's generally available, they're probably worth a shot just to see.

    I know of one large pharmacy in my area that sells Molicare Supers and in another thread someone mentioned that Tranquility ATNs are available in Walgreens in the Las Vegas area, so it really pays to check around either in person or by phone to see what's in your area as Soakingboy suggested above. In general, don't expect much better than Depends from a large chain but even those are okay if you know what you're using them for. Use them for short term or double up and they should be adequate. Here's hoping you'll have access to something better before too long.

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    Depends on what you want. Thick or Thin. Plastic or Cloth.

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    Search around for non-chain pharmacies in your area and look up medical supply stores - you may get lucky and find a place that stocks something better than the terrible store-brand junk. Heck, most of the local chain stores around here don't even stock tape-up Depends anymore.

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