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Thread: Day off coming up :3

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    Default Day off coming up :3

    So I have a couple days off from work next week and the week after and i'm thinking this would be the perfect time to relax and enjoy a nice day of being little.
    Right now i'm thinking of ordering some more cushies, and a paci (so sad, I haven't ever had the courage to buy one... :/ )
    Was thinking i'd plop down in the morning and watch cartoons (wanna watch Winnie the Pooh ) but i'm not sure what to do for the rest of the day... oh and i'm not sure exactly what day i'll have off, still haven't scheduled it.

    So anyone have any ideas of some fun stuff to do?
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    Well, if you don't have a bottle yet either, you should get one of those. I just go and buy one at the grocery store. Unlike paci's from the grocery store, bottles are easier to find a fit that works fine for an adult.
    After that, i'd pretty much nurse on the bottle the majority of the day during your activities.

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    Thanks Tyger, I was thinking about a bottle or a pair of footed pjs as well but I'm not sure how easily I could hide alot of stuff since i'm still living with my parents and they don't really know... might have to work out a new hiding spot in order to get more stuffs

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    I haven't yet tried cushies but since my parents were out of state for these last two weeks I order a couple sample packs of Bambinos so I know that awesome feeling of looking forward to spending time by yourself. As for a hiding spot I just shove my stuff in a box in the attic. My house is only 1 floor and a basement so the attic is really small and you truly have to be hunched over so if you have something similar at your place that is almost a fail-safe. As for other activities, I would recommend going out in diaper somewhere into nature since that always relaxes me and there is nothing quite like knowing you are truly away from society and it is especially fun if you are at an area where know one can run into you. If I were you, I would definitely stock up on anything I couldn't get while my parents were around. Some things I suggest you do that I can think of off the top of my head are: Get a bottle, a blankie, a paci, stock up on as many nappies as humanly possible :P, watch your favorite cartoons/ animated movies, go to the movies, and last but not least, take a nap... A diapered nap in the middle of the day is really something worth experiencing.

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    Zazi that really does sound quite relaxing...
    My house has 2 floors and well a small crawlspace but that's connected to my parents room :/ so for right now i'm pretty much hiding my stuff in my closet in a corner behind my stuffed animals XD oh the simplicity of it... and kinda funny, hide my baby things behind the things from when I was a baby... its genius I tell you...

    Right now I do sort of have a blankie (I think its fleece, could be wrong though. It has pictures of baseball bats, gloves, helmets, soccerballs, volleyballs, hockey sticks covering it and its actually covering my bed right now hahaha.), I also found my favorite stuffed animal from when I was little so i've added him to my things , but i've been out of stock on diapers for the past few months, since August, had them all summer while my mom was out of state.
    I'm absolutely in love with the idea of getting a paci and/or bottle... and until I find that perfect hiding spot i'll have to be kinda light on the diapers but i'm definitely gonna watch cartoons, movies, and enjoy that mid day nap you suggested

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    Personally, I'm more of a little boy than an adult baby so I'd say look into getting some toys like legos or matchbox cars. Should be things that are nice and cheap that can still bring you back to childhood.

    but if you're looking for a baby day, the only thing I can think of would be to watch some kid shows (looks like you've already got winnie the pooh set up) have a nice warm bottle and take a bubble bath. Apart from that and toys idk what a baby would do by themselves. When I think baby I think of them being taken care of. when I think child I think playing, exploring and discovering. Seems a little more exciting/interesting to me.

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    well I managed to hold onto all of my Hotwheels, and some of my other toys from when I was little by telling my mom that I might pass them onto my kids (when I reach that point of my life. Never had to admit to being ABDL/TBDL )
    Thanks for the idea, I hadn't even considered my hotwheels

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