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Thread: Where do they get these get diapers?

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    Default Where do they get these get diapers?

    Many times I have seen that there are those pictures (often from 'professional' sites) where there are really kinda thick diapers. Especially I find them on different tumblr pages, btw.
    Anyway, here's a good example:

    I was wondering if anyone knows what brands they are/where to get them? They never have any description about that

    EDIT: I'm not sure, but isn't this a tena slip? But they aren't usually that thick as here.
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    Hey this is definately a tena slip. I think they are one absorbance below maxi slips. Looks like the model is wearing multiple nappies too as those ones are pretty thin.

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    looks like a tena slip or tena slip maxi with a couple of stuffers. I've used quite a few of their ranges and I've never had one that thick straight out of the pack

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    Default Where do they get these get diapers?

    Tena Slip Plus European Edition. They are quite thin. Yes there are many stuffers inside.

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    As said before in the pic it's only the diaper. Definatelly more like boosters or multiple diapers. And yes, its Tena Slip Plus

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    This is a picture, meant only for people to look at. It is not meant to actually be used, the indicator is still yellow, so they will put things in them to make them fill out and make a nicer looking diaper.

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    That's a cool skirt in the photo

    I mean yes, thick diapers, totes love those

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