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Thread: 2000 Posts.

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    Default 2000 Posts.

    Gawd dammit. Too much free time. >_<

    I was going to put off posting until I had something epic to post... but fuck it, there's always 3000.

    Just inflate my ego instead.

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    Quantitatively impressive, Congratulations!

    How many keyboards did you go through to achieve this milestone?

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    I'm going to hurt you ego just by being in here with my sexy post count :3

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    You my good ser almost have as much of a life as pojo :P

    If anyone can not see I'm just messing with him... My god.

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    Wait for me, I'm trying to catch up... just be kind and wait for me!

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    Guys... remember... better quality than quantity!

    *goes hiding in a corner in fear of being mercilessly bashed by the Kiloposters crew*

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    Yay! 2000! I'm not if that's congratulations-worthy, or I should yell at you to go outside!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lukie View Post
    Just inflate my ego instead.
    Sure, no problem. I'll get to work right away. we go:

    Enjoy your ego! But keep it away from shap objects or your ego goes *POOF*


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    How you manage to post so much, yet post so well still amazes me.
    Unless you're secretly spamming somewhere .

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