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Thread: Making a website/maintaing/Help please

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    Default Making a website/maintaing/Help please

    Im wanting to make my own website from scratch. Only problem I don't know how. what I wanted to know is if anyone would be willing to help or teach me how to make and maintain one.

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    Are you hiring a webhost company or are you hosting it yourself?

    Also, do you have the hardware or would it be on someone else's server?

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    Um, well I know how to code HTML and some PHP. What is the purpose of the site supposed to be? Also, do you have a domain name bought already? Do you have anywhere to host yet?


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    Well, what's the website supposed to do? Either write functionality from scratch (php/js/python…) or deploy existing software and style/adjust it to your needs.

    If you do not have access to decent webspace/databases etc, you could even statically generate your html and just upload it somewhere.

    Whatever you do, if you end up writing HTML/CSS, stick to decent standards.

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    If it's just for fun, to prove you can do it, I'd just do it using HTML and CSS in plain text files. You get total control (although you won't be able to make fancy layouts very easily... or at all) and it's a great way to get the general concept into your head. It's generally useful to understand HTML and CSS anyway...

    There are great tutorials available here: W3Schools Online Web Tutorials

    If you just want to get something up and running quickly and don't care how it's done, or if you want something that looks really professional, then there are better options than coding it yourself by hand...

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