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Thread: Where does your diaper leak?

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    Default Where does your diaper leak?

    Interested in seeing whether it's just me or whether everyone's diaper/nappy leaks from the same spot.

    If I am going to get a leak it's always from the back leg area, I.e. the leg barriers right where you sit.

    Only other area is overnight, where I can get wet from leaks out the front top/belly button area.

    Interested to see what other people experience.

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    With my Dry 24/7's I've never leaked at the top as I don't point up. I'm a side a side sleeper so when I go to my back I'll sometimes leak if I'm pointing to the side. That'll happen with side sleepers.

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    I haven't had a leak yet, but I also wear my diaper under a depends pull up, so I may have leaked before, but the depends end up soaking it up. I usually just go once in my diaper before changing it.

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    back area here.

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    My diaper will only leak at the seat. Mommy always points it down during diaper changings.

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    seat, back top (occasionally when I cant change like I'd like to) and sometimes the front (especially while driving)

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    I usually only leak when I'm laying down for a long time (when I can't sleep) and being a tummy sleeper I leak in the front. Not much I can do.

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    not a huge problem for me but when it does happen it's always the back of the legs. my dry 24/7 leaked there last night during sleep- first time ever. I was on my back at the time

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    For me it leaks out my waistbands if I'm sitting down

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    Out the back on my buttocks where the leg area is. That happens when I sit.

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