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    I am thinking about buying a pair of plastic pants to be worn over diapers. I really have limited money for diapers, so it would mostly be for regression purposes, not due to actual leakage issues. (Ie the crinkle might help me get into my little side.) Any suggestions as to where I could get these NOT online? I really can't get this online as I imagine very few places are discreet with this sort of thing. IE A nice shipping label saying something like "___ Incontinence supplies" would raise eyebrows if someone else got the package and took it in before me. Any suggestions? Somehow I doubt you can just get these at wall-mart.

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    First of all, very few companies are that blatently obvious about the contents of the box. They dont go around putting a
    "BOX CONTAINS DIAPERS" stamp all over it. Many of the companies recognize that their patrons want some privacy for their needs. I ordered some plastic pants once, and they arrived in a medium sized Postal service box, like for a book. Nothing about the box or packing item says Incontinence, or diapers or anything. Your safe. Order online.

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    I've ordered from Fetware and Baby-pants both and they have shipped in USPS priority mail envelopes. Have only their corperate initials on the return address.

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    any particular brand that works well? Most seem advertised as very quiet, etc. which doesn't suit the regression aspect well if no sound comes from them. XD (to be worn in private not in public so subtly is not a big issue, though preferably not extremely loud, just enough for me to hear.

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    I bought the Fun Times one's from Fetware which are loud and noisy. They are a little on the stiff side as far as the plastic goes. I also have their Happy Daze which are a little softer but not quite as noisy.

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    As long as they are noisy enough for me to hear without preferably being heard from outside the thin walls of my room, I am good. o.o

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    iv order from baby pants on ebay they cost $11 i like them there very crinkly every time you more you hear them theres know hiding them when you wear them

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    Baby Pants sells a "Gerber White" pant that is made from a type of plastic called PEVA. They are advertized as being very soft but crinkle at lot. They are very reasonablt priced at $10.50 for a size medium.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BabyBike1 View Post
    Baby Pants sells a "Gerber White" pant that is made from a type of plastic called PEVA. They are advertized as being very soft but crinkle at lot. They are very reasonablt priced at $10.50 for a size medium.
    I have a pair of these and I love them. Not just because of the crinkling but these plastic pants are VERY durable and have outlasted all other plastic pants that I have owned by a big margin. Also if you order these, order these one size bigger than your pant size fits in. The elastics are very stretchy and allow more diaper room.

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    There is not one thing better then plastic panties. I love them the best. I buy Comco plastic panties. They come In white,pink,blue and yellow and work the best. I was raised in gerber baby panties and diaper until they stopped making them. I was in my 40's when they stopped.

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