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Thread: Dungarees = Awesome

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    Default Dungarees = Awesome

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    they came this week first chance and i wanted to show them off xD but anyway anyone else wear dungarees out and about before?

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    I've worn mine out and about before - they're not that unusual unless you've sewn cute patches on to them. They're really convenient at keeping padding in place and they're reasonably comfy. I don't wear mine that often though, even in private. I might have an excuse to try and wear them more though soon

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    Nope, but I'm looking into buying a couple pair's right now! I forgot how adorable overalls are .

    Where did you get yours if you don't mind me asking?

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    I haven't had a pair since I was about eight or so, but I've been meaning to get another set for a long time. Just one of those things you don't get around to.

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    I used to wear alot them when I was real young up till around age 12. Later on I would try and find some to use for work as a coverall over my jeans I had hard time finding ones that fit.
    Back then I was 5'9" and 125 to 135 lbs. Yesterday I got my shortalls order in a size 38 waist and they fit but I now weigh 170 lbs. When warm weather comes back I could wear these out
    in public but I'll probably add some characters to them so I won't. I see guys wearing their overalls all the time in public.

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    Those are super awesome! Just wondering, how do they feel when you are diapered under? Is it tight, I find that problem sometimes with babyish clothing...and it always irritates me.

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    thankfully, those things are adjustable

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    I got a pair of overalls last week
    Mine are insulated for cold weather, which is great since my legs get really cold... But I will not be wearing them during the warmer months.
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    I have and why not. I actually see a lot of old men wearing them. At one time, a lot of painters and carpenters, as well as other tradesmen wore them. I like them.

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