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Thread: Baby Cloth Soaker question

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    Question Baby Cloth Soaker question

    Ok. I've heard a lot about using cloth soakers to distribute pee throughout the diaper. Problem is, I'm not sure where to place it. Aren't they a bit short? I'm a "grower," if that makes sense, and am wondering how and where to position the soaker to get the maximum distribution. Does my penis need to be in contact? And what does everyone think about buying used soakers on eBay? Is that taboo or something? They sure are cheap.....


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    I have about 80 junior size 17x25 that I got from a diaper servive company that I put 2-4 layered in an adult cloth diaper and they work great. The diapers have some minor stains in them but they were all diaper service clean.

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    Are you talking about prefolds?

    I use toddler-sized prefolds for doublers, and they work well. Opinion will vary, but I like to tri-fold them and center them (lengthwise and widthwise) on my adult prefolds. That way I won't feel front/back edges, and even if the doubler isn't the first thing to get wet, it will wick moisture from the outer diaper quite effectively.

    ...Unless you're talking about putting cloth diapers inside an adult disposable. In that case, you'll need to position the cloth diaper so that it's the first thing to get wet. Disposables don't release moisture easily, so centering a toddler prefold on an adult disposable probably wouldn't work well for a male who's "pointing up." Just a guess, though.

    EDIT: Thinking about this more, I suppose it should be generally ok to use a small prefold as a doubler in a disposable, as long as it's placed where gravity is going to take your "output." If you're sitting or standing, and the doubler is placed in the middle, then eventually the outer disposable will have had its fill and begin overflowing into the cloth. Which is good. ...Ok, 'nuff thinking out loud!!

    I'd probably stay away from used cloth diapers, whether for myself or a baby. I have bought cloth diapers both on eBay and through Craigslist, however they were unused. One of the cool things about doing this is that the diapers have often been prep-washed already, so that saves you 3-4 trips through the washer/dryer.
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    i have a lot that i use with my adult size cloth diapers i place them in front

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    Thanks folks! So honestly...if I'm using disposables is it worth it to get some toddler soakers? Or should I start my experiment with cloth by just getting a diaper or two? Thanks again for the input.

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