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Thread: Windows 8

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    Default Windows 8

    What's everyone's view on Microsoft's rumored to be the next vista?

    For me I've been using it on my laptop and desktop and I've gotta say that I like the improvements I get for gaming and other intensive CPU/GPU applications. I really don't care too much for the metro UI but the apps that are being rolled out for it are actually catching my attention.

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    Yeah i been using windows 8 for a couple of months, and the more i use it the more i like it, somethings still a bit annoying but overall i fairly happy

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    It is not the next Vista but I still don't like it all that much.

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    I have yet to play around with it too much.. but I feel like they may change.a few thing later on.. as with Vista. (Even though it later was declared failed)

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    Default Windows 8

    The big problem that people are really complaining about is when you try and update windows 8, it fails. I think it was on Engadget where they talked about what you had to do in order for your windows 8 machine to update properly.

    I haven't had any problems with updating my pcs and I really hope I don't in the near future.

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    I've had it since release, won't be the next Vista but pretty darn close. I don't like it and i dont think i ever will but i'm not going to stay in the past just because i don't like it. It does run a lot better than 7 so thats one good thing about it

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    Default Windows 8

    It's not terrible. I don't like the whole metro UI thing, but performance wise it's doing very well.

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    I used it on my work computer and on my tablet.

    It takes a long time to get used to it on the computer but on the tablet it works very well. Windows 8 was made for touch screens and it shows. The metro is complete junk when i used the mouse, but when you can finger swipe the Metro is very easy and quick to get around. There is also lots of cool hidden stuff you can find, like when you are using the internet instead of pressing the back button i can just swipe my finger and it got back to the last page.

    The only down side is the lack of apps but that is slowly growing.

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    It should go over very well with this crowd because the interface seems like its made for 2 year olds.

    No, I'm not a fan of touchscreens.

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    Ive been using it for a while I find its more complicated than previous windows but its better and faster

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