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Thread: Should I get back into the habit?

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    Default Should I get back into the habit?

    I havent worn diapers for i don't know how long, probably 10 months. Should i get back into the habit? why?

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    This isn't that simple of a quandary. I guess the best answer i can give you is only if you truly feel you should. Personally I don't think I would enjoy 10 months without a single nappy but the fact that you have might be a testament that ABDLism isn't that big of a part in your life. I go through cycles of maybe a couple of weeks in diapers and a week without so who knows, maybe you just have a long cycle of not wanting/needing them. If you do go back to diapers it should be because you really want to though, and not because someone on ADISC told you you should. I recommend one of two things, one, make a list. Write down why you want to and why you don't and see how much weight each side has. If not that, then try my second choice, flip a coin. It may sound silly but trust me, in the time that it takes from the coin to leave your hand and land, you will most likely have realised that you have a preference and are rooting for one side or the other. If you decide to not come back, but eventually the this question enters your mind again, then chances are diapers are slowly digging at you inside and you will come back sooner or later.

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    Great question but I can't answer it for you. This is one decision that you will have to make for yourself because you are the one that has to live with that decision.

    Most seem to return after taking a break from diapers, in fact it seems that this is rather hard to shake even though long breaks are possible for some.

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    I as well say this is something for you to decide.
    I agree with the ideas DPRzazi said.
    With the list idea and coin.

    Do you feel like you want to come back?
    Have you thought about it any at all during that break?
    Do you miss diapers at all?
    You ever been at a store or somewhere where diapers are sold, or looked at one.
    Then thought about wanting to maybe wear one again?

    If yes to any of these how strong were those thoughts and did those thought last long or pass quickly.

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