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Thread: Tent bed that fits on your regular bed

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    Default Tent bed that fits on your regular bed

    When I was younger I was lucky enough to have a tent bed for my twin size bed. The bottom of the tent was actually a fitted sheet, there were two poles going from corner to corner and a door on one side.

    I've been looking and have only found some lower quality tent beds that attach to the mattress or are only for twin and full sized beds.

    Do any of you remember tent beds, have a tent bed now, or know who makes them for queen sized beds?

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    Tent bed, screw that I got a bunkbed. I just have to drop sheets and blankets over the sides and tuck it in the railing.

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    I used to do the same thing!!!.^ ^ when I had one

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    I have a full sized bed and would be neat to get one I think.
    I remember them, tho never had one.

    No idea where to get them at.

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    I remember them as well, back when our own children were little. I thought they were really neat, and I would have loved to have had one when I was a kid. I know my wife would never stand for one because she's claustrophobic...haha.

    When I was a little kid, I always thought there were ghosts in my bedroom, so I slept under the covers. A tent bed would have been so cool. In my novel, I have my girl character sleeping in a four poster bed with the curtains that go all the way around. That is another solution. In the story, she feels safer with those curtains closed, because something dwells on the other side of her closet door, and it has made a few appearances in the story. In fact, her closet leads to hidden parts of the house. This is why we all need a tent bed; to keep the ghosts out!

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    Would be awesome for like a queen size.bunk those are awesome

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    Quote Originally Posted by ScoobyDooKiddo View Post
    Would be awesome for like a queen size.bunk those are awesome

    I actually can't remember doing this as a kid, but i'm quite sure I made a tent with my sheets at some point...

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    I'm sad now that I didn't know what a bed tent was so I could have asked for one when I was little, but I did have a canopy. I was afraid of mosquitoes biting me in the night during warmer seasons, so my parents bought me a canopy to cover my bed. It was just plain white, but I really loved it.

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    My brother and I used to build tents on our beds and play inside them. My mother did not care for that and would heat our well padded butts up. But that did little to stop

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