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Thread: Ways to prevent stealing expensive stuff...?

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    Default Ways to prevent stealing expensive stuff...?

    Since I'm thinking about an iPhone I am just curious as to what you guys think is the best logical way of preventing something of great value such as an iPhone or stuff of that expensive nature from getting stolen in a direct or indirect way.


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    Quote Originally Posted by WaffleTear View Post
    Since I'm thinking about an iPhone I am just curious as to what you guys think is the best logical way of preventing something of great value such as an iPhone or stuff of that expensive nature from getting stolen in a direct or indirect way.
    Just out of interest, how can an iphone be stolen 'indirectly'?

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    Easiest way for me has been to keep an eye on things all the time. I rarely ever just leave my phone laying around and I have never had a problem with it coming up missing.

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    Ok, here's my take:

    you'll need:

    1/4 pint of 2-component epoxy glue
    half a meter of Clear PVC Sheet
    one meter of stainless steel wire
    seriously heavy padlock
    400lb Anvil

    mix up the epoxy... wrap the iPhone in the PVC sheet... soak the backside of the iphone with a LOT of Epoxy... wrap the steel wire around the iphone a few times and then around the anvil... apply more epoxy around the wire.
    Just for the looks of it, find a place to attach the padlock too.. it's useless, but well it looks cool... goes along with the cool iphone gadget.
    let it cure.
    I think you could safely let this iphone unattended in NY Times Square for an hour or two.

    Alternative 1)
    have the "Find MY Iphone" Geolocation Service active... once stolen, hire the russian mob to retrieve your phone and send the thief a clear message.

    Alternative 2) get it insured... if it's stolen, remote wipe, carrier lock, and have your insurance pay for a new phone.
    after all it's just a phone... and with the cloud backup of all your data... you won't loose the data.

    I think of these three options, No1 (anvil & epoxy) is the most classy and will certainly draw some looks...

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    the simplest method works best: don't flaunt your wealth.

    one thing a lot people don't realize is that flaunting one's wealth takes more forms than a simple showing what you have, one's wealth is also revealed by one's dress (not in what, but in how) and style, and one's general demeanour and posture.
    failing to take good care in any of that will make you a target for street robbery.

    'indirect' theft, by which you possibly mean 'sneaky' theft (?) and often in the form of stuff taken from lockers and bags, is often committed by someone who knows you (casually or personally), so not flaunting your wealth makes sense there, too.

    if you're not sure about what constitutes 'flaunting wealth' whilst out and about, follow the simple of rule of, if you don't need it with you, don't take it with you.

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    1. Always be aware of your surroundings.
    2. Only use it when you need to.
    3. Don't use it for a long period of time out in the open.
    4. Continually check your surroundings.
    5. Always keep track of your belongings.
    6. Never leave your expensive belongings out in the open even if you are nearby.
    7. Install GPS phone finding program.
    8. Use a strong password to protect your phone from tampering.

    Just a few recommendations.

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    I've gotten to putting my wallet in my front pants pocket, though more because I've been suffering from sciatica, and sitting on my wallet doesn't help. However, if someone goes reaching down there, I'd definitely know! Like skunk said, be aware of your surroundings. I would say that's the most important thing you can do. I've heard of thieves stealing Iphones right out of users hands while they were walking down the street. Obviously, they were more intent on talking, than noticing those around them.

    As for my own self, I'm phoneaphobic, so I hate phones. When I get a phone call, it often means I have to respond in some way, often work related. No phone means peace, in my case.

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    I would say just keep it in your pocket or in your hands. Don't leave it lying around, don't leave it in an unattended bag, and don't leave it with people you don't trust.

    The only time I've had something expensive like this stolen from me was my iPod touch, which was taken right out of my backpack in middle-school while I was at sports practice. My school will suspend anyone caught stealing, expelling the second time, so I usually feel pretty safe leaving small things around, though I've learned my lesson about being extra careful. My phone doesn't leave my pocket anymore, unless it's in my hand.

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