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    Default AB/DL game

    I was think that after I learn the required language for programming that I might start making an AB/DL game, if I have the time.

    It would be awesome if adisc or daily diapers rounded up a team to start a kick starter project for such game. But we can only dream, I know I would buy such game but what about you guys?

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    That's easy. It could be like Pac-Man, except that you'd be a cartoonish baby running away from anthropomorphic toilets and picking up pacis and diapers. Every time you collect a diaper, the toilets would become vulnerable to your big squeaky-hammer, and would flee in terror. Of course the whole game board would be splattered with pastel images of animals, hearts, moons, etc., and the music would be a variety of nursery themes played on a glockenspiel (this would temporarily give way to some death metal after you picked up a diaper).

    EDIT: Actually, to be AB/DL-themed, you'd probably want your character to be a full-grown man/woman until a diaper was collected. There. That's my full-wrought idea, and it's amazing.

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    Default AB/DL game

    Best indie game of the year lol. I played one AB/DL game that was made using RPG maker and it was actually really good, the only downfall was it wasn't finished and it had one major bug in it that I could find.

    Maybe a well polished game like that could make it through the AB/DL community and while still being highly playable after time passes.

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    Well I'm trying to get some people together to help create a game in java programming language. I know that monky is with me and I'm going to start working on it with him in about 2 weeks creating UML designs.

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