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Thread: Anyone else have this trouble?

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    Default Anyone else have this trouble?

    I have been wondering this for awhile and i want to know if this is has happened to anyone else. Ok so for most of my childhood life i have had trouble with my bladder and up until age 8 my bowels anyways for a few years after age 9 i was ok but now it seems to be coming back and being a problem as in i am starting to have small drip and minor bedwetting accidents. So has it been like this for other people? like they wet for awhile stopped then started again?

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    Yes. That's how it happened with me, except mix in some teenage drug use and an anxiety disease and by the time I was 22, my bladder and bowel problems became progressively worse. On other incon forums, I've seen similar posts. If you are experiencing any kind of incontinence on a regular basis (and let's face it many people have rare and brief incontinent episodes), I urge you to seek a doctor to rule out numerous diseases that could be the root cause.

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    I am sure Spaz is right, but it seems that Caveman is experiencing something a bit unusual as for a lot of us problems did not recur until we were a lot older than 17. I would strongly echo the advice to see a doctor especially if the "small drip and minor bed-wetting" are different to the problems you experienced when younger. We tend to worry most about wet sheets or damp pants - a doctor may well be more interested in what might have caused a change in your pattern of urination and want to make sure of the cause so as to help cure it and rule out the possibility of anything really nasty developping.

    Do let us know how things go + good luck.

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