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    Firstly let me say how amazing it is that my partner even accepts my AB side, and that she allows me to regress with her. It's not so long ago that I even let her into this part of my world, but she has been supportive from the start. What she is struggling with though, is seeing me in a regressed state...I wouldn't say I go overboard, but I'm definitely a completely different person when regressed, which she is still finding kinda weird. The thing is, that when I fully reveal my little self to her, I am really wanting her to understand that it's more than just RP and that I need some acknowledgment of that from her.
    We love each other heaps, and I know that the AB stuff doesn't change that, but I'd really like to encourage her to recognize me more for who I am when regressed. (I don't necessarily want or need her to be fully mothering me if you know what I mean... just feeling more comfortable acknowledging me)

    If you've have had similar experiences, please let me know how you helped your partner to grow in this pretty unique relationship.

    BTW I'm not interested in anything like 24/7, I do enjoy being an adult most of the time.

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    Dang awesome first of all, That is amazing that she is as supportive as she is, and you should make sure that she knows you are so extremely grateful for what she does do.
    Secondly, have you read the book, "There is a baby in my bed" available on amazon. Not to advertise it, but it is great and approaches this topic very well.
    I would suggest asking her to read it, it isn't too big, and goes over the relationship between a couple, one of whom is an ab.

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    Thanks Tyger, she is awesome, and I have read that book, some of it with her. maybe I'll have another look at it, I know that some of the stuff in there was a bit intense for someone so new to the scene as she was when we first read it. I just wondered how other people's partners gradually became more comfortable with their abdl. My girl's beautiful, and loves me heaps, but she's a bit vanilla which is also cool, even more so given how she's coped with my revelation.

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