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    Does anyone else find that diapers distract you somewhat from your pain? I have had chronic back pain for almost 3 years now and diapers and Xbox are the only 2 things are that actually somewhat take my mind off my pain

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    I remember back when I had some health problems, I always felt better when I was home alone in a diaper with my pacifier just focusing on happy things.

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    Quote Originally Posted by maxipoo View Post
    Does anyone else find that diapers distract you somewhat from your pain?
    not for me.
    of course, the type of pain and it's level affects my judgement as to wear or not. often, though, a diaper is just another thing to deal with and complicates the usual processes of my dealing with, or lessening of, pain.

    currently, i can't be bothered wearing, too much (helped by the fact that it's a literal pain to put them on).

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    If my pain is minor, wearing diapers distracts me from it, but like ade, if I'm really hurting, I just want to medicate and stay busy doing something else.

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