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    Ok, so since Christmas is coming up, I've thought about ordering some diapers and/or plastic pants, and use the excuses I used last year of that the packages are Christmas presents...So I need some help finding some good plastic pants...The shipping must be discrete, preferably not a high price, not snap on, unless there is something good about them I don't know about, and I'm not too concerned about color, although I don't think I want ones with prints...I also need some help picking a size, so I'll give whatever information people need to help answer my questions

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    I have always liked the covers from babykins. They have an adult section that has online sales, and they are pretty easy to deal with. Packages are plain, with return address as "B'kins Products" or something like that.

    My favorites are the Nylon waterproof pants, as they are very durable, fairly lightweight, and they make a little noise. They have a pretty good range, and the prices aren't too out there. There is a size chart on the page where the plastic pants are.

    Hope this helps.

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    I've ordered from Amazon because at the time I could say they were something else. They are a go between, so I suppose you pay a little more. I do like the baby prints, but what I usually get are the high backs because they protect me better in bed, as I don't want to wake up with a wet bed. Wifey would not like that! Babykins I believe is very good, however, and you might want to go with them.

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    Pojo you might want to check out Comco for their plastic pants. They are very durable and they are very well priced they also ship very discretely too(and fast too). As for cloth diapers Adult Cloth Diaper has the best and so does Babykins. Babykins also has great plastic pants too but they cost a bit more. I like the terry lined ones the best. And most of all good luck in your selection.

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    I got some good ideas on sites to use now (keep them coming if you have more suggestions), now I would like to know from those sites, which (by experience preferably), would you recommend (site, and actual pants)

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    I got some from but they were not cheap, check over at rupadded someone just put up a list of diaper and plastic pants supplyers.

    Here the link to the rupadded page.....

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    AdultClothDiaper.Com Shopping Cart

    Click on the pull on pants. These, the top ones are very good. They have a size chart that will help you chose the right size.

    eBay Store - DD Adult Baby Diapers Plastic Pants: pull on diapers, daytime diapers, nighttime diapers

    He has a good selection of diapers, that he sells cheaper than the manufacturer.

    Stay away from the "Nice Diaper" from YuYun. They have bad quality control and use poor quality materials.

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    I was very pleased with the plastic pants I got on Mine were the pull-on style in pink carousel print. If you go to Vinyl Plastic Pants Panties for Adult & Baby |, they have lots of different kinds, and I don't think the prices are unreasonable though I don't know how they stack up with others. My only complaint would be that I seemed to leak pretty easily, but I'm kind of assuming that's the case with any cloth diaper. They were definitely tight around my thighs so that wasn't the issue. They also have an enclosed elastic style that won't dig into your skin so much.

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