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Thread: detatched from society, friends, life basically

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    Default detatched from society, friends, life basically

    Hi im Richard posted a while ago in the intro
    i'll get to it,
    im just have conflicting issues about being here but thats probs the underlinin story for most here.

    pls bare with me im an extremely logical person i show no passion in person or in writing, no good in an artistic way but im good to have around in an emergency or to talk to if u have something mental that u just cant talk about i'll listen an wont judge at all.

    over the last few years i feel ive started to live like a recluse because of this stuff, like i dont belong to this society, like no1 is to be trusted like ppl r just waiting to catch me out, everyday i feel like im running away hopin not to get caught engagin in this, its like i think im gunna get lynched for it or i'll get known as the guy that wears nappies

    there stupid thoughts but they plague me an make me hide myself away, i can c it happening but i cant stop it and i dont kno y.
    i wud have thought at 29 id have all this figured out an be at least a little happier or more confident.

    my friends think im crazy cuz i dont give a crap about money or expensive things but thats cuz they dont kno its peace of mind want more than anything

    i want to accept this so bad now i just dont kno where to begin

    dunno if theres a proper question there just feels good to ramble sometimes, especially cuz i cant talk bout this to kno1 i kno.

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    I got that you are suffering from depression and probably anxiety issues from that. It would be good to talk to your doctor about this. They can suggest things or refer you to a therapist that can help you get to the bottom of it.

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    Hey there! you know being overly logical and trying to over analyze this is really only ever going to lead you to the conclusion that this is ridiculous behavior. So you have to ask yourself why you feel so strongly that you need to do this. My guess is that it is part of who you are as a person (couldn't possible tell you why) and that you must try to learn to be happy with this as part of you. I agree with MasterPython, it does seem that you are suffering from depression which is only going to make your situation more intense if you don't take care of it. The reclusive thing I can relate to in some way(actually made a post about this just recently) for me though it's more about being unable to openly engage in my natural desires when I need to, and less about paranoia. The whole thing can seem pretty weird, and may even seem to defy logic, but hey, we are pretty complex beings us humans, a lot goes into making us tick. My advice is love who you are...all of you...that's the path to acceptance. It's not going to solve the riddle of this, but it will probably help you to cope better with who you are. It's OK that you keep this to yourself IRL, it's pretty personal stuff, but good on you for sharing here. Just look after yourself.

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    thank u both its just with the doctor issue and talking to a therapist every time i think about it just makes me un easy (i dont have a specific doctor not that ive bin much lol ) hmm but now i think about it the last times i went were stress related stuff.
    plus im just embarrassed
    sayin to someone i like wearing nappies has got to b on the top of the hardest things to do list atm.

    anxiety i think is caused by somin else an thats a dif story for another time maybe.

    but depression, i have had bad time (i owe everthing to my best mate my brother that he has basically become over time) but i dont feel as bad as i once did many years ago when i lived with the rents i had 2 be mentally imaginative with hidding places, but now im in my own house i dont have to hid so its probs brought old feelings back up cuz ive got to face it now an live with it after hiding 4 so long.

    simples im programed to hid, be on constant look out and feel bad about it but thats damaging me now cause its no longer needed (survival programming)
    think im gunna set a routine wear more an be on here more to try make a positive foundation to replace the negative 1

    cheers again guys i appreciate the help a lot

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    Hey Richard, I don't see why you need to necessarily discuss your desire for nappies if you see a doctor if it doesn't make you comfortable...I'm sure there are other things which are making you feel sad...surely you could just begin by discussing how youre feeling. the doctor will respect your need to keep certain things to yourself.
    Good luck.

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