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    So i had a freaky nightmare last night.. it was also kinda fun too XD so, i was a Joann's Fabrics/sewing storem in this dream. and i was buying things to sew my "Organization XIII" Cloak which im currently making in Real life. so as im buying the stuff for said cloak. an old women walks up too me and says "Excuse me young man, but arnt you kinda old too be dressed like that?" and i turned to her and said "What do you mean these are my dress cloths." she laughed and said "If you say so" than walked away.. moments later i looked down and i was in a oneie and diaper and was even starting to leak.. but i though i gad been dressed normally the WHOLE TIME

    (for those of you who do not know "Organization XIII" is from a game called "KINGDOM HEARTS" Link will be at the bottom. for visual display)

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    I have a hypothesis. Probably because you were dressed normal the entire time. In a dream your brain has a lot of free play, but it cant change the way your some of your senses respond to certain stimuli. For example you wouldn't have actually felt like you were wearing a onesie and a wet diaper, unless that is what you were sleeping in.

    The explanation for why you were wearing a wet diaper and onesie is fairly obvious.

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    No, i was not wet when i woke up or before i went too sleep.

    And fur, if you are going to be an ass than kindly piss off.

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