I have found that when I become bored I am prone to self-examine.
The other day I was thinking about how when I am with Kaydeeroo I tend to be overly sensitive to her emotions, her facial expressions, and the way she says things. I also seem to put a lot more emphasis than normal on physical contact between the two of us. Not in a sexual way, or even in a way related to age play. Just the fact that if I am with her I usually want to hold hands or wrap my arms around her (what can I say I love her) and if she doesn't want to for some reason my brain automatically jumps to thinking she is mad at me.

I remember reading somewhere that when we are babies we are far more sensitive to other peoples facial expressions and the absence, or presence of physical contact. In passing I began to wonder if this is because of my already regressive nature, or if it is merely a coincidence.

Does anybody else feel this way or react this way? Or is it just me.