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Thread: Abena Questions - X-Plus, Super, Extra, Plus?

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    Default Abena Questions - X-Plus, Super, Extra, Plus?

    Some of you might remember me. If you do, I'm sorry. =P
    I'm not too regular here, but I try to get on when I'm able to or remember.

    I'm currently looking to try a new type of diaper. After comparing opinions and reviews, I'm fairly set on Abenas. I was originally going to buy the X-Plus as had been heartily recommended, but realized that it was probably too thick to wear in public. The models from Plus, Super, Extra, to to X-Plus (XP Medical has a great page on this). I was considering buying the Super or Extra if the X-Plus was too thick to wear under clothes (which, looking around here, seems to be the case).

    My usual wear time would probably be several hours, likely from three to six, so not terribly long. Leak protection and durability are what I'm really looking for, and I heard the Abenas are good in that area, as well as being generally great all-around diapers. And to be honest, I might buy a thicker variety (maybe the X-Plus, or Bambinos [which is another whole can of worms, product variety wise] or Dry 24/7, or Dry 24/7, as I hear they're insanely thick and wonderful) to use in private or overnight.

    So, does anyone here have experience with the other models of Abenas? If so, which would you recommend for public wear? Super, Extra? Maybe the Plus? Or are Abenas horrible and is there another brand I should consider for my needs?

    Bonus question: What, in your opinion, is the best, thickest, greatest diaper for wearing in private?

    Thanks in advance.

    EDIT: Also, XP Medical apparently sells Supers and X-Plus's in the new cloth-backed style, as well as Supers, Extras, and X-Plus's in the older plastic-backed style. Does anyone have any tips concerning this choice here? I'm currently leaning toward the Super, cloth-backed (to reduce noise).
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    I feel the Extra M3 is a good balance between bulk and absorbancy. It's certainly thinner than the M4 and is still pretty reliable. It can hold multiple smaller wettings... maybe 2 big ones.

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    That sounds good. I'm currently ambivalent between the M2 and M3. A slight problem is that XP Medical (where I'm probably going to be ordering from) sells ONLY Supers and X-Plus's in the newer cloth-backed style, while it sells Supers, X-Plus's, AND Extras in the older plastic-backed style. So if I was getting M3's, they'd be plastic-backed. Ii like plastic... but it would be noisier than the usual cloth-backed, right? These are for discrete daytime use. Currently leaning toward Supers in cloth, I think..

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    All Abenas are great. Xplus are the most absorbant, but any of the other thinner ones are great for public wear. Keep in mind though that the thinner M2 and M3's don't have as much padding in the wings (extending to the sides) as M4's do so you might end up leaking out the sides eventually if you tend to pee a lot or if your not pointed down as much as you should be and your 'equipment' tends to shift from the middle, if you get my drift lol

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