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Thread: best brand of diaper

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    Default best brand of diaper

    Hello everyone I was just wondering which type of diaper is the best

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    Best for what? Babyish, thickest, most absorbent, cheapest, most discreet, loudest or easy to buy? All the major brands have their strong points and as I do not like to wear the same brand diaper too many nites in a row to avoid pressure sores on my thighs so I rotate through Abena M-4, Tranquility ATN, Wellness and whatever new brand I might find at the time. (Currently ATN Overnight pull-ups. I no like them too well.) Over all I like the Abena M-4s the most of the currently available adult diapers I've tried.

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    a medium tena slip maxi has been my most favorite

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    Thank you all for your comments and I forgot to add for babish matters

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    Quote Originally Posted by mtdl84 View Post
    a medium tena slip maxi has been my most favorite
    Tena Maxi is my absolute favourite as well.

    It is reliable - it holds very good.
    It has white plastic backing.
    The tapes fit very good on the landing zone on the front.

    When I was a kid the diapers had no prints - they were plain white!

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    The best brand of diapers is what works best for your needs. The one that works best for me, may not be the right diaper for you. I would suggest trying different diapers, to find what is the best one for you.

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    Before I found the websites for Babmbinos and ABU (Adult Baby Universe) I was wearing Depends Maxium protection, but now its Cushies and Bambino classico, the thing I like more about these is the design and the ability to order in bulk.

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