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Thread: Computer mouse issues

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    Default Computer mouse issues

    So, I have been through 3 different computer mouses. Why? They all have the same problem. If I try to single click, it'll double click now and then, and pretty often too. It's very annoying (Trying to pause a video will result in it being paused before it unpauses, hitting the back button once will cause it to go back two pages instead of one, etc etc). I was wondering if anyone knows any way to fix this? I'm guessing that, after 3 different mouses, it would be the computer and not the mouse. The USB ports are fine, they work perfectly, plus I tried it in all the ports with the same result.

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    Default Computer mouse issues

    What browser are you using? I had an issue like this with the back and forward buttons when I was using Chrome; I switched to Firefox to see if it was the browser, and it worked fine in Firefox.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Supersam1223 View Post
    What browser are you using? I had an issue like this with the back and forward buttons when I was using Chrome; I switched to Firefox to see if it was the browser, and it worked fine in Firefox.
    It doesn't just do it in one web browser, it does it all over

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    That is strange. Can you try one of the mice on a different PC to see if the problem still occurs? If it doesn't it would probably be something related to the PC that's causing the problem.

    Can you boot from a live Linux CD (like Slax, for example) and see if the problem still occurs? If so, it's likely to be the PC hardware; if not it's probably something to do with your current OS or settings.

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    I've had the same problem, but it easly fixed when I got a different mouse. Maybe your computer might have a virus and you need to do a virus scan. If you don't have the protection for viruses and stuff I would recommend AVG 2012. It's free and I use it and it works fine. That's all I can think of that might be causing this...

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    I found some information on Windows Official Website:

    Mouse, touchpad, and keyboard problems in Windows

    Troubleshoot mouse double-clicking when you single-click

    It is quite useless to download a live CD. If this is not working 3 Mouses is innutile to wonder if this is the OS, as it is certain that it is him. Especially when you pay the bandwidth.
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    Had a scrolling problem last week. I was going to swap out mice, but it was also time to blow the dust out of the innards of the computer (desktop). After disconnecting everything, opening the case, clearing out the dust bunnies, and reconnecting everything, the mouse worked fine again. I assumed it was a poor connection that was cleared up by removing then reconnecting the mouse. A little dirt or surface oxidation on connections is a common gremlin in anything electronic, especially when low power, low voltage devices are involved. Coincidentally, that was the first on the list at the microsoft website linked to.

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    Have you gone to Control Panel -> Mouse and checked the settings and drivers in there to make sure everything is set properly?

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    You mention that you've been through three mice. Presumably these are different makes/models, and not just different specimens of the same make/model? Just checking! I've definitely run into some cheapies over the years that'll register extra clicks (insufficient "debounce" logic in the mouse, or a mechanical problem), require me to press incredibly hard to get a click, etc. As with most things, you get what you pay for with input devices.

    That said, it's certainly possible that this is a driver issue, or an issue with some other software on your computer. I'd suggest making sure you have all the latest software updates installed.

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    humm the only thing i can think of is i had that problem when i had mincraft in beta, something about with java running caused a loop logic error causing well a loop making the mouse click 2 3 even 4 times. and one of my computers is still like that XP but my windows 7 seems to work fine after minecraft came out of beta.

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