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Thread: Abena x plus problems

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    Default Abena x plus problems

    Anyone have problems with this diaper? My problem is that it bunches up inside alot and that causes leaks

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    Haven't seen this version in Singapore. Is it taking too much vs its capability? Have you contacted the maker on your experience?

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    I've only ever had it bunch up after wetting and then sleeping in them for a long time. They do tend to do it pretty often. Then again I don't really have anything to compare them to, so I don't know how well they stack up with the competition.

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    Pretty much any diaper aside from the 24/7 will start to fail at the 12 hour mark.

    I've tried pretty much every brand you can get from a retail outlet, as well as Molicare and Abena.

    They just aren't meant to be worn for more than 8 or 9 hours.

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    You're probably right Phoenix. I wear Abena M-4's but I cheat with a Poise pad for a liner and usually wear them for about 8 hours. However, If I didn't try and wet them to their Max I'd get more time out of them. Unfortunately, when I check them I can tell that the absorbent material starts to shift which of course means the diaper is about done. I've tried a sample pack of 24/7's and they are thick and hold a lot without a liner. I suppose if I did the math it would be cheaper to buy the 24/7's.

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