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Thread: Diaper sales end today

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    Default Diaper sales end today

    Just a reminder for y'all that may be close to needing a restock... Bambino, ABUniverse, and I'm sure other suppliers are on their last day of "black friday weekend". If you need something, today is the last day to get them before the next sale.

    If you're ordering from ABU, there's a flat 20% off across the board on diapers and you can still add the ABUSAVE10 coupon if you don't have anything better, so that's around 30% off.

    (too bad XPMedical isn't having a sale)

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    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe the Bambino sale ends tomorrow.

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    man, this puts me in a sticky wicket...
    I have privacy in a few weeks to be able to safely order some Bambinoes with some boosters... but if I order them now, I could be saving $20-ish dollars, with the risk that someone just might find my package before me and open it...

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    I just restocked from ABUniverse on Friday good thing I didnt hold off

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