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Thread: Nicotine and dreams

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    Default Nicotine and dreams

    I have been trying to quit smoking lately- it's a terrible habit, and want to stop. However, I have a bit of an odd problem. Normally i don't dream. I have dreamless sleep for 8 hours til I wake up, refreshed.. But since i have stopped smoking(or trying too) I have had vivid, lucid nightmares that are scaring the bejesus outta me! I have only have a few fears, and one is clowns.. I frickin HATE clowns! I will scream like a girl, and run out of the room if I see one. But yet, in my dreams, clowns with glowing red eyes, and spiky teeth, ar chasing after me with blody axes, and knives, taunting me, and in the end I scare myself awake, in a cold sweat, squezzing the stuffing out of my pillow. So as you can imagine, I get up at 3:00 AM, and light one up due to the stress.

    Has anybody else noticed Nicotine working as a dream suppressant? I swear that's what it does to me.. Damn, I don't wanna have any more ngihtmares tonight..

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    I doubt you were having dreamless sleep, you probably just couldn't remember your dreams. Nicotine withdrawal is pretty awful too, I gave up smoking a few months ago after smoking for 6 years and bad dreams are just part of the withdrawals. It's hard, but give it a few weeks and it'll pass.

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    I always remember bits and pieces of my dreams if I dream. I hope your right about it passing, it really, really is awful..

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    In the removal of any foreign substance from your system, you're going to experience drawback of some form -- physical withdrawal, mental withdrawal, what-have-you. Although I could be wrong, I could definitely see where removing nicotine from your system could affect this.

    Everybody is affected differently. I've been a pack-a-day smoker for over ten years, and when I tried to quit four years ago, I got two months into my crusade. Unfortunately, it affected me in a lot of ways that I truly could not control. I consider myself a happy, friendly person, but for the course of two months, I was the most obnoxiously pissed-off son-of-a-bitch that you could ever meet. I was a dick. No matter how much I tried, I could not find happiness in absolutely anything. Most people would look at that and say, "Please, that's exaggeration," but it's not. I literally had no excuse to enjoy my days; I was so angry and furious, and I put it all due to the lack of cigarettes -- a vice that I highly enjoy.

    Other people experience different forms of withdrawal. When I finally butt out for good on March 1st, I'm sure I'll have a week or two of some other odd malady to wrestle with, but whatever you have to go through is worth it, mate.

    If there was anything that I could remember from my experience in quitting smoking the first time, I physically felt better. I could get less sleep and be more prepared for a day. I could run, I could taste, I could breathe easier.

    And as the wise ones say: This too shall pass!

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    It sounds like your losing sleep from quitting. If you say you only remember bits and pieces that means that your in "REM" sleep. (I think... lol) Where your body and mind are resting. If you are remembering your dreams, then you aren't getting a full good sleep. It should pass with time. Just remember, physical addiction is gone in 3 days, anything after that is mental.

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    REM= Rapid Eye movement!

    People who get that only, are more pissed off and irritable, might have a little bit to do with withdrawal. Although not neciseraly your situation. I can't get firefox to fix that spelling error.

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    I have been an addicted smoker for... too long; over 10 years. *sniff* all that lost money, all those lost alveoli...

    *Huggles all the smokers and those trying to quit*

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    Yeah, I'm feeling pretty irritable.. I'm sure my posting around here lately will testify to that too.. My Sasuke avatar looks about how I'm feeling.. but I haven't had one today yet, and I went and got some of that Commit gum, maybe it'll help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raccoon View Post
    *sniff* all that lost money,
    All those diapers un-bought. :p

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    The gum does take the edge off.. Anyone who's trying to wuit, I recommend it. Just don't expect it to ease all cravings- it just helps.

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