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Thread: Do you consider video games as addictive?

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    Default Do you consider video games as addictive?


    Posted in mature topics because I'm not sure how intense this might get.

    I have a final paper to write for a course arguing video games as addictive.

    While it's not considered a mental disorder on the DSM, I think they can be addictive – but only to the relatively few.

    However, I think that a majority of people are confused about it – they feel as if the time spent towards playing video games is the sole sign of addiction. I believe that video games become addictive when they begin to have a negative impact on your schooling, friends, or family .

    Again, the amount of time you put into a game ≠ addiction.

    Thoughts, anyone?

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    I think this should be in Computers/Game location. But yes they can be addictive like Food, Drugs and alcohol. Think about how much people use the Cellphones or Phones. My be you should check online. I been playing one game Lord of the Rings Online for 5 years. If they keep updating it I will keep playing it. If they stop updating it. I will go to a different game.

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    Do I find them addictive personally? Not really, some are more difficult to put down than others but I can stop at any time. Can they be to others? Yes, some games are basically just Skinner's boxes where you get a reward for completing a task and there are definitely people who get more out of this than others to the point where they can become addicted to the idea of getting those rewards.

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    Something like 6-7 years ago, I just got internet at home while still living with my parents.

    I was a good student, going to graduate from high school. I was into video games (from doom to UT, empire earth and stuff) but only play alone or in LAN. So that wasn't a big deal.
    Having internet at home however, I discovered online gaming. (diablo 2 and mainly Ragnarok online)
    Ragnarok online was pretty balanced in PvP and GvG and I wasn't so bad. I played something like 4-5 hours a day during the week, probably 20 hours over the week-end, leveling while my friends/guild member was away and stuff. Even my online character was selling items when I was afk)
    the thing is playing was fun obviously but I was seeing it as an obligation to other people to play. If our team wanted to be competitive, we had to be better than others guilds.
    I was starting to miss school in a more regular basis (mostly because I was playing all night and sleeping during the morning), was spending less times with friends and family. But, I didn't care that much, because I had SOO much friends in game to talk with and play with. People with the same interests as me.

    One day, or one early morning after a complete night of playing, I just realized that I may be going a bit far. I was skipping school for the 41st time (well 41 half-day to be precise) in three months, I was able to keep my grades at a good level, not brilliant though, because as I was feeling guilty, I was catching up on my study when I was in school, working hard to memorize and do my homework in advance)
    And I just bursted into tears. At the time, I thought "I had just lost three months of my life doing what : playing a game". But I didn't find the strength to stop. I had this big exam at the end of the year (in June), you need to pass in France to graduate from high school, and for the first time, I was afraid to fail it.

    This was a hard time for me during the two months before the exams. Sometimes I was really studying like I should do and sometimes, I was just playing like I was before not reading a book for an entire week (and feeling bad after that).

    I didn't seek for help at the time and regret not to do it.
    What saved me was after passing my exam (barely, but I did), I was going to a boarding school preparing for engineer study, there was no internet in the dormitories. So, I was able to focus on my studies. And when I cam back home, I found out the server I was playing on was closed (a private server).

    So, Basically, YES, video games can be addictive. And some people might need help to stop being addict.


    this story is mine and lots of people manage to play without being addict.

    I am now about to graduate from my engineering school, working for one of the largest pharmaceutical company. I've got real friends, some are a bit geeky, others are not, some are gamers, others are not...
    And I still play games (league of legends, bordelands, Fallout, Halo, etc.), but they are not my main priority now. I play for fun (even if I often try-hard to win) and if I need to work, I work first and play after.
    Sometimes, I can't play for a week or two at all, sometimes, I play during 6 hours straight. But most of the time, I manage a good balance, in my opinion (1-2 hours a day is a good balance for me) because I still spend time with my family and my friends. Maybe I could spend more time with them if I play less, yeah, maybe, but I'm okay like this and it's fine with me =)

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    Are they physically addicting in and of themselves? No. Its not like cocaine or opiates or alcohol where there are physical, biochemical symptoms when the substance is taken away. Habit forming? Yes. Dangerous habit for the obsessive/compulsive? Possibly. Kinda stupid, time-wasting habit? Absolutely. Of course the same could be said of a lot of things. Facebook, television, yacking on the phone for hours, knitting, collecting baseball cards.......

    Being mildly OCD, I've become very aware when I start to attach to something. I try to steer my attachments to things that are at least somewhat positive and useful. I'm not always successful, but I try.

    I stay the he££ away from video games because I know they'd become a problem.

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    When video games fill the role of a social aspect in a persons life who has no alternative outlet, yes I consider them addictive. I've seen people more devastated over things that happen in games than when people go through really hard break-ups.

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    I would say that I was addicted to video games in the mid-to-late 80's, yes. I played games instead of doing my homework (to the point of almost being held back a grade), all of my artwork became game-themed, and I tape-recorded myself playing Nintendo and would listen to that instead of ordinary music. My parents were (rightly) very concerned, and began rationing my Nintendo usage severely. After several conferences with my sixth grade teacher about the fact that I wasn't turning in any of my homework, my parents took my Nintendo and locked it away in the back of my dad's gun safe.

    This is where it might have ended for the average kid. Instead, I got out my art supplies, cut up some cardboard boxes, and manufactured a very convincing replica of a Nintendo Entertainment System which I swapped for the real one the next time I found the safe sitting open. It was several months before they figured that out. In the meantime, I would pull the real Nintendo out from under my bed once everybody was asleep, sneak downstairs, and play until I couldn't keep my eyes open any longer. Needless to say, I wasn't getting much sleep either!

    Shameful, and 100% true.

    Of course, things got better! I learned to moderate my gaming, and ended up graduating from high school with honors. I do still occasionally play video games, but not often enough to call myself a gamer. And my parents? They actually brag about the authenticity of my fake Nintendo, and still have one of the cardboard controllers I made.

    There you go.

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    Yes, I think video games can be addictive, both positively and negatively.

    I can find a game addictive such as Pokemon or Call of Duty, making me want to play them again, but I find myself after an hour or two needing to take a break from my xbox or game boy and do something else for a while.

    One of my friends spends as much as 6-8 hours a day on his PS3, I honestly don't know how people can go so long on a games console.

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