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Thread: i'm getting eagle

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    Default i'm getting eagle

    by the end of this month, i'm getting the eagle scout rank. this is the last rank in boy scouts, and very coveted. only 2% of boy scouts actually get eagle, and i'm going to be one of them. i've talked to people who got eagle a long time ago, and even now it's still their biggest achievment. i'm so excited. i've done all of the work, and the only thing left to do is turn it in.

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    Are they not illegal to own.

    Seriously I hope none comments on this literally.

    Anyway congrats.

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    Hmmm...only 2%? My ex-husband and his brother were both Eagle Scouts! :P I've seen the pictures from the day they received their awards.

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    Great work dude! I got my eagle when I was your age. Feels awsome doesn't it?
    (Man those review broads are a ***ch though)

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    Hey Congratulations, you have now achieved one of the few (and debatably only) great achievements of BSA that few ever get. You'd better feel damn proud cause I feel damn proud of you, and to know you (at least on the forums). I never got it, I backed out and I feel like I let a great life achievement pass me by. This is one of the greatest awards you can get, and in some ways can open up all kinds of doors and opportunities for you. I guess the only thing you can do at this point is get some Eagle Palm Awards otherwise bask in the glory, you're kinda like a celebrity (since it's in the newspaper, and your name will be on a plaque). Stand tall and be proud, I only know a handful of eagle scouts (which now includes you).

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    That's really great, I'm glad that you reached that achieavment. We're all proud of ya. ^^

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    So is it true that the Mormons took the boy scouts over?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fire2box View Post
    So is it true that the Mormons took the boy scouts over?
    there are mormon troops, and i know this because i had to work with them at scout camp. they defenitly havn't taken over though.

    i'm suprised that someone knew what eagle palms were. they are the awards you get after eagle. you need 3 more months befor your 18 and 5 more merit badges to get one. i would have been able to get 2 palms (which is a huge achievment) but my eagle cordinater left the country.

    as for the benefits, i'm going to use this card to get as many schalerships as i can. my family is going to really struggle paying for college, and this badge just made it a whole lot easier.

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    Congrats Link!! I am so happy for you & what you have accomplished & achieved!! May this springboard you into a great future in whatever you do!! Again, congrats Link!!

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