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Thread: I hope I'm not weird :(

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    Default I hope I'm not weird :(

    But, for some reason I like the smell of a poopy diaper. Not the smell of poop in specific, but the babyish scent of a Pamper's or Luvs diaper mixed with the scent of poop. It for some reason makes me feel extremely babyish inside, like I did a bad thing. it makes me feel weird though, I hope I'm not the only one who finds both of those scents mixed together to strike a nostalgic chord, anyone?

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    It may be slightly odd, but certainly not weird (in a negative sense, that is!).
    My best guess (I'm no doctor or anything) is what you guessed - it invokes a certain sense of nostalgia. When you were little, you generally relied on the feeling and smelling to know when you messed v.s. most adults' reliance on their feeling of "having to go." Also, the fact that the smell is mixed in with a baby diaper scent heightens the regression.
    My thoughts at least!

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    odor fetishism... es weird but no weirder than dressin up like a baby got it myself, tbh...

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    Nah I like this to, your not weird until you yourself truly believe you are weird.

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    To be honest you're not weird, and to put it on a grander scale who's really to say what's weird to you? I hope the answer is you say what's weird and what's not.

    We all tick differently and all have different ideas, so the one person you can really rely on for personal guidance is yourself. If someone actually did reply that they thought that you were weird, would it change your outlook on this particular idea you have? Just go with what is best in your own mind and if someone does call you weird, thank them and move on because if they think you're weird it has absolutely nothing to do with you.

    Hope that helped

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    I have heard that from many babies I have spoken to. I think the smell takes them back to a nicer time as a real baby

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    No worries - even my weird brain had a slightly odd association and liking for that smell (it's only slight - really gone off the messing). Don't forget the baby wipe/mess smell that comes with this association...

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    I don't find it too weird. Not my cup of tea, but I do dress up as a baby, so who am I to tell you what is weird? I think that weird doesn't really exist. If you think about it, if no two people are alike, and weird is different, then all are weird. We shouldn't judge each other over what we think is strange, because we ourselves are strange to at least one person. Statistically, there will always be someone who has the same fetish/liking. Hope this helped, all though most people said the same thing.


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    Are you kidding? the baby powder smell has been developed and refined for DECADES for just that reason!, to make poopie not so unpleasant!

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