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    Hi, i'm new to the site, got here by a friend.
    Lemme introduce myselve
    my name is paws and this is actually the first diapercommunity i've ever joined.
    I wear diapers and suck my tumb since i can remember, a comfy suit was always nice with it.
    My parents always found large quantities of diapers in my bed i used to put them on for a little while, then new ones and sleep on top of a big pile of clean diapers.
    My mother caught me in a poopy diaper when i was 5. Since then i was a bit wary of wearing them. Especially pooping in a diaper. I only peed in diapers for many years since then so the smell wouldnt be so bad.
    when i was 12 the urge of wearing diapers became too strong, and i would come up with anything to get ahold of them and same as for disposing them.
    Since i got older i buy diapers in the store with or without the shame. The urge to wear diapers was and is to strong. Since i was 12 i also used to poop in diapers again.
    When i got familiar with the net i soon found furries and i liked it alot. I also enyoj playing like a babyfur, in various roles...
    Then i got a bit older again and i developed the urge to wear and soil my diapers in public places. i went from walking in a peed diaper, to waggeling in a poopy diaper. I sometimes even had my diaper leaking in the store or in the rain in front of other people, in witch obiosly see the yellow fluid...
    I like to go to the forest and waggle or crawl in my diaper or furrysuit, hoping somebody with similar interest finds me...
    The worst thing i did so far was biking trough a village in the dark in a torn pants.... twice.... With obious filled diaper.
    I used to have a partner for four years witch wasnt anything interested in my fetish but would wear a diaper and soil it.
    I like to be several roles with this i can be very submissive, but love to be dominant aswell.... sexual as non sexual...
    As for my sexuality i have to say that i'm male and mostly staight. But i sometimes do make exceptions, so
    As for my other interests i have to say i'm very openminded so i do alot of things. I do sports, chess, update on my science, history, math, and many others.... I love to play chess, u can wake me up for it. I love my anime and cartoons, especially in a diaper. As for wearing comfy furry suits i dont have one now... but wanna try, still new concept for me, but it feels good
    i love to be the baby but i also like to be the daddy, brother, baby, furrybaby.


    Sooo... i think i did my part your turn to respond
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    Thanks for your info. The unfortunate thing with this site is because we have people under 18 we aren't as meet-up friendly as other sites. Welcome to our community.

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    Wow This was a great introduction from you paws and welcome to this site aswell I noticed similar things what Ive done earlier too, but still I am not maybe as brave as you (meaning those leaking diapys etc..) *blushes and giggles*
    I found my furryside like 2 yrs ago and Ill hope that I could get my own fursuit at somepoint, but yeah.. one crinkle step at the time. Anyways.. its nice to see other diaperfurs around and I just wish that I would be crawling in the same forestarea where could be a possible to meet up another cute crinklefur aswell ^^ -R

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    Hi paws, nice to meet you. I too have sucked my thumb my entire life What do you enjoy doing other than diaper/furry stuff? Do you have any hobbies? I'm a computer nerd, and I also love cars, particularly fast ones.

    Welcome to ADISC!

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