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Thread: Why I'm thankful for ADISC

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    Default Why I'm thankful for ADISC

    Happy thanksgiving to everyone in the US, and to those outside. If you're offended by the celebration of a US holiday, well, tough , and feel free to wish me Happy Boxing Day when appropriate in return.

    In the spirit of the holiday, I figured I'd start a thread where we can list the reasons that we're thankful for ADISC. Consider it the online version of the "go around the dinner table and say something you're thankful for" tradition.

    I'll start - I'm thankful for the moderators who keep this forum safe and welcoming, and for the self-acceptance I've started to feel since becoming a member here.

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    I'm thankful to all the friends I have met and made since I joined last summer. Also too all the one's I may have helped along the way by sharing some my experiences. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

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    I'm thankful that ADISC exists because it's how I met my fiance, and countless other friends and aquaintances (haha now you're all going to have to guess which category you fit in to!)!! Hoorah for ADISC!

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    I'm thankful for ADISC because of the cool people I've met.

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    I'm thankful that ADISC gave me someone or ones to talk to about this part of my life

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    I'm thankful for ADISC as it's a wonderful place to chat with like minded folks without the stigmas that are socially attached to it.
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    I am thankful that adisc exists, because it is a safe place to talk about something that is often seen in a negative light. The people here are supportive, and have insightful input into questions and issues that others may pose and experience. I feel that people here genuinely care, because they can relate, or may have even been through it before. Adisc can also have fun. All in all, I feel that this is a fantastic website, and for that, I am thankful.

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    I'm thankful when I'm feeling insecure or weird I can hop on here, read a few posts about people's experiences and realize it's ok and I can start feeling good again.

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    I am thankful for the whole diaper community, everything about is amazing and for me nothing is better

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    I am thankful for all of the amazing people I have met on ADISC, The love I (get/give) (from/to) my family and friends, the fact that i am able to accept myself and indulge in the *B/DL lifestyle, and a personal reason to wake up in the morning. Its a good life. General thanks to everyone

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