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    I have always considered being a DL as extremely personal to the point that I had no intention of talking to anyone about it even with the pseudo-anonymity of the internet (as you can see by my user name), but I have found that almost all of the issues personally I have had have already been talked about in a understanding and friendly way. And so I'm not sure what useful contributions I can make to the forums but now I have have come out of my shell I hope there is something I can help with.

    I have a keen interest in computers/networks and science in general. With a bit of philosophy. Used to play console games (PS2, PS3 and handhelds) but as my work largely involves desktops and laptops I have shifted to the PC side of things.

    In only a month this site/community has helped a great deal and for that I say thank you.
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    Welcome to our crib and nice intro BTW. Your story sounds just like mine. I didn't think to look for others like me until a year ago. Never regretted having an online presence since.

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    Thank you, I spent an hour agonising over it. And more wondering if I put too much or too little info in it. So much effort such a small post (on my part). lol

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