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    Default Returning to being a DL

    Hello all I am 18/m and a former DL, but a few days ago I searched up the AB/DL scene and now its all coming back Nobody knows about my secret but I have wanted to tell an online AB/DL community so here goes.

    It all started when I was 12, my parents are separated and my dads new partner moved into our house with 3 children. One of them was a 3 year old boy who wore diapers and I started becoming interested in diapers so I stole one and tried it on, although I had to duct tape it on to make it fit it still felt amazing and from there on I was hooked. I eventually stole 2 more and then peed in one of them and I liked that too, wearing diapers turned me on. However my dad and my brother sometimes made jokes about diapers and this made me feel that was if I was caught I would be seen as a weird freak sort of person and even worse if my brother found out he would tell everyone. So I made sure that my diapers were hidden under some toys in a box in my closet. I started worrying about the disposal of the wet diaper because I stayed at my dads every weekend and the rubbish gets taken in the week. I started to becoming paranoid about if I should use his rubbish bin because I needed to see that it would get taken without any issues (such as my dad not putting out the rubbish or him noticing an odd smell). All these were silly reasons but I was paranoid about not getting caught so I needed to take all precautions. Eventually I put the diaper into a plastic bag and tossed it over the fence into a park, to this day I knew I should have tossed it into a public bin but I just really wanted to get rid of it.

    While staying at my mums I went online to see if there other people my age who liked diapers. I found out that I was not alone and that there were heaps of people my age out there who like wearing diapers, this made me feel better. Back then I was a total noob at computers and I noticed when after typing some diaper related words into Google, that it still came up in auto fill. Same thing with the address bar I became scared as this was the families computer and when ever you clicked on the address bar all the recently visited websites would show. There was one that showed called Diapergals so I went on lots of random sites to get it further down the list. It worked, but it was still there if you scrolled down :S

    When I was unaware about terms such as AB and DL I had ended up typing some ridiculous things into Google to describe what I was looking for. The worst was 'big children wearing large diapers' (I LOL so much when I think back to this). This is where I believe my brother could have started his suspicions that I liked diapers. A few days later he was on the computer and I was beside him and he went on Google and typed in 'b'... my heart literally stopped as I saw 'big children wearing large diapers' come up in the search suggestions. He then saw this and said "hahahaha what the! big children wearing large diapers?!?" and was about to click on it, I then quickly dived for the power button and held it for 5 seconds. "Aw!" he said, I then said "that's silly you don't need to search that" in my very nervous voice. I am confident that to this day he did not go back and search it but I think that he may of thought that I searched it up. Now I needed to delete the history but I couldn't figure it out, upon searching how to delete the history I was directed to a program that I downloaded but it didn't work... it could of been a virus actually. I stopped looking up stuff and the history was later deleted automatically.

    So that was the beginning, when I was 13 we moved house and I now had my own room I was still into diapers. I really wanted to buy some drynights but I was scared of somebody I know seeing me buying them or the reaction from the cashier. Finally I took the plunge and went into my local supermarket to buy some, I was so nervous I checked the whole store to see if I didn't know anyone and then I got a plastic bag then put a drynights pack into it. Thankfully the lady at the checkout didn't give any odd looks. I felt so good and excited when I finally got them. From then on I wore them at night and when I was home alone, they felt so amazing and comfortable. However my hiding place wasn't very good I kept them stashed in a card board box at the top of my closet. One day my mum said she was going to clean my room and freaked out and told her to do it another day and this made her suspicious. I managed to make her stop and after that I quickly obtained some money and went a brought an electronic digital safe. My reason for buying this was to keep my electronics away from my brother and it worked.

    Some time later I an incredibly close call, I was home alone and I messed my drynight, I felt good and then I ran foolishly ran around the house - bad mistake I later found out. I then cleaned my self up and and sprayed the whole house with deodorant but I did not spray enough. When my mum and brother got home my brother said 'oh POO!!!' then my mum instantly was suspicious and demanded an explanation from me. I don't remember what I said but somehow it came to explaining the smell was from me farting and spraying deodorant. That night was crazy I was so scared my mum kept on coming into my room and asking me hard questions. The next day I avoided her and it was eventually dropped. After that was a lot more careful. When I ran out of drynights I took the courage to buy another pack. I was so paranoid about someone seeing me and telling everybody I know, so I decided to go there at 10pm when there would be hardly anyone there. I approached the cashier and she gave me weird look and held the pack up and said 'Is this a joke?' me being so nervous was now very embarrassed and so avoid any further conversation with her I mumbled 'no' and looked down. She then said 'oh I'm sorry..' she looked like she was about to laugh but she also looked as if she felt bad for asking me. I quickly handed her the cash and power walked out of there. Once walking home the embarrassment all went away and was replaced with excitement and happiness. I decided to never go back to that supermarket but that wasn't a big deal as there was another one opposite it.

    My drynights always lasted a long time because I just wore them and only messed or peed a few. When I was 14 I decided that I needed to stop being so secretive as my mum was always suspicious that I was hiding stuff. When my last pack of drynights ran out I stopped, this was quite hard but I just had to because also of the risk of being caught. A few months after I stopped I couldn't believe it but a new store opened in my area that sold diapers and yes omg adult diapers and other baby stuff oh and they were cheap to according to the shops name. The desire started coming back but I continued to stop myself by avoiding walking past it. I decided that I would be a DL or maybe a AB when I was an adult and had my own home.

    Here I am now 18 and still living with my mum and brother, I really want to buy some cushies or bambinos or a thick type of diaper online and start wearing them in public when I'm on my own. Problem is the delivery I don't know if I want to take the risk of my mum getting to the package first and even worse opening it which she has done with my letters in the past. For the mean time I'm going to take another plunge and buy some drynights however it will be easier this time as they now have self checkouts

    I hope you have enjoyed reading my story on my teen experiences of being a DL.

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    Welcome to our community and wonderful story. I myself had used improvised diapers at your age, and then purged for years just like you did too.
    Please introduce yourself on the Greetings/Introduction. Tell us there about your non ABDL interests too, hobbies, where are you planning on going to school, etc.

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    Welcome to ADISC, I'm new here as well and if you are worried about deliveries I'd suggest a PO Box, many companies deliver to them and it sounds as if you earn money in some way .

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    Quote Originally Posted by HokieABDL View Post
    Welcome to our community and wonderful story. I myself had used improvised diapers at your age, and then purged for years just like you did too.
    Please introduce yourself on the Greetings/Introduction. Tell us there about your non ABDL interests too, hobbies, where are you planning on going to school, etc.
    Before I brought my first pack of drynights (goodnights) I used to stuff toilet paper in my underwear and wrap towels around me I was so creative!

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    Mine was white towels, but I only did #1 in them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Secret77 View Post
    Before I brought my first pack of drynights (goodnights) I used to stuff toilet paper in my underwear and wrap towels around me I was so creative!
    I used to stuff toilet paper in my underwear when I was young, between 5 and 8 or so.

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    Default Re: Returning to being a DL

    You are braver than I. I didn't start experimenting until 12.

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