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Thread: New to this place as well, i suppose

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    Default New to this place as well, i suppose

    hello all of you AB/DL people. :3 Viscra Maelstrom reporting in, and thinking that now is a good time to join this place.

    well, where to start... i suppose with the AB/DL stuff. i've been into this stuff for several years now, going back to somewhere near early puberty, but i actually was interested in it several years prior to that. it wasn't until i became a teenager that my interest for all of this started to spike, though.

    i'm more into the DL side of the spectrum, wearing and using diapers for their intended purpose. i won't shy away from a bit of AB play myself with certain people, though (more specifically my bf, since it makes me extremely calm and comforted).
    i haven't actually worn any diapers yet, though, aside from a few small ones i used as stuffing (stems from a bad purchase i did a few weeks ago... feel free to ask about it if you want to).
    i plan to do so when i can, though. there are local Abena and TENA shops here in Sweden online, so i can get them for a pretty good price. (i also own a nuk5 and a small bottle, to anyone curious).

    other than that, i have a broad range of interests, the strongest one being music. i love it, so much that i have over 700 GB of music and acquire new physical ones almost everyday.
    i want to become a seasoned musician one day, hopefully. i do and have done a fair bit of other art in the past, as well, mostly writing, photography, mixes, and now recently digital art and music (i've loved music for quite a bit of time, but it's only recently that i've begun actually producing stuff.).
    if you're interested in seeing some of my works, i have a dA and SoundCloud account of the same name as i have on here. but enough about that, now.

    other interests... i like computers and technology. not super well-versed in either subjects, but interested in it, nonetheless. art, too. i also like MLP FiM, which might be noticeable from my avatar on here.

    anyway, i'm a pretty nice guy, not afraid to speak his mind, for the most part. unless you're engaging me in a voice-chat or some-such. then i might become more of a baby to talk to, heh.

    i hope i'll enjoy my time here on ADisc with all of you other fine, fellow AB/DL people. :3

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    I'm glad to see that you decided to join the forums Viscra, it's nice to have you here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by VioletBurst View Post
    I'm glad to see that you decided to join the forums Viscra, it's nice to have you here.
    it's nice to finally join this place, as well. i'm a bit confused at... well, everything right now, admittedly. but i guess i'll get past that soon enough.

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