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Thread: diaper in MALAYSIA

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    Default diaper in MALAYSIA

    hye all..ok, lets start..for your information, finding diapers that good and confortable is kinda hard in malaysia..mostly, im prefer mamy poko xxl or tena slip size m..sometimes, i get jelous with members of this page that wearing bambino, goodnites.. theres no such that brand diaper in sad

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    I have been to Singapore quite a few times - so not so far away from you! It is not so hard to get Tenas in the pharmacies there. Sadly the Carefour in Suntec City closed last year. It was a good supply.

    Tena is my favourite brand of diapers. Goodnights have nice prints, but they do not hold much. A real diaper needs tapes!

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    I live in Singapore but I do shop in JB occasionally. I've seen Tena slip and Tena value in JB Jusco (Tebrau), not to mention the huge variety of baby diapers, too many to say.

    Just my 2 sen worth
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    In Singapore I think they had Abena's in the pharmacy in Dhoby Ghat, I bought a local brand as I wanted to try them and they weren't very good.

    Lots of Dr P basic in Malaysia, but didn't see the more absorbent ones anywhere so I didn't buy any

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    yes, there a lot of Dr P here..but, its not looking good..its like cheap diaper and it the quality is not guarantee..

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    Hey I'm in Vietnam. Over here we have Caryn inevery shop but they're terrible. My current favorite is Sunmate. They're not super-absorbant but they hold enough for a couple of floods. They have double sealing as well now and thick plastic. Not sure if they export. Can yoi get Tena Maxi in Singapore or Malaysia??

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    not sure here have tena maxi or not, but here have tena slip..i have seen tena maxi here before

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    Send me a PM if you see some. I might even ask for you to send them by post here. Just make sure they're not the cloth ones.
    I'm surprised there's so many ppl here from Malaysia and Singapore.

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    Go for the Tena value in your local Maximark they were the best i could find

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    Hihi, I am from Singapore too.

    Tena can be found in most major departmental stores and pharmacies. However, prices do differ quite a fair bit, so you gotta compare a little. Have also seen quite a fair bit of Dr P, basic and standard. Rather good in prices but not sure about the absorbency.

    Saw someone mentioned about Abena in the thread hence do a quick google for 'Abena Singapore', found a few links worth looking at, Abena Adult Diapers in Singapore. Diapers Review. Best Adult Diapers in Singapore. - singapore wheelchair for sale and for rent, Singapore Diapers | Abena Adult Diapers | Bambo Baby Diapers - Singapore Diaper Site. Baby Diapers. Adult Diapers. and

    Have anyone tried Certainty? They are selling in NTUC ... wondering if they are cheaper elsewhere ...

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