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Thread: -Shoved into the spotlight-

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    Hi, you people. I'm new. Startling, yes, but it's true.

    If I need to say my name, it's Angeal. So there. I'll just throw a little info here that I didn't put in my profile, since if you're actually curious as to who I am, I'm sure you'd read that, too. And if you're just here to greet me and throw a small introduction, then you don't really need to know much about me, right?

    I'm a babyfur (Dragon, to be specific), a dude, I'm /trying/ to do art better, however I suck and unfortunately, I get frustrated very easily when art doesn't come out how I want it to (Which is most of the time), which causes me to get into a bad mood and then not-keep drawing. Which is unfortunate, because I can't get good at art without drawing, but I can't keep drawing very much because I get frustrated! Woe.

    I'm also musical, I play the Saxophone and have for about 10 years. I... also have hair? I dunno, I've run out of things to say. Augh, I just realized that this sounded kinda "Pity-me" in tone. Whoops o_o Just, you know, ignore the parts about me getting angry at myself. And pretend that was instead me flexing and bench-pressing a Ferrari filled with naked women.

    ... You know? That doesn't sound half bad.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mickal View Post
    Yay another member to tease. Welome.
    Mickal, stop scaring them!!!!!!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Confusion View Post
    Mickal, stop scaring them!!!!!!

    Too late! D:

    Excuse me while I find a bed to hide under

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    *Goes under the bed the find you, holds out paw, and smiles* He was just kidding ^.^ welcome to the forums Angeal. Its good to see a new face around here. Hope you have a great time on the forums, makes some new friends, and have fun posting.


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    Thanks, Chris

    As a quick note, please, bombard me with questions. I'd be more than happy to answer them. (Not to mention, it makes this more of a "Hey, lets actually KNOW this guy!" thread instead of "Hey, new guy! 1-line response and I'm done" thread)

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    Welcome to our community ! You've already gotten some idea of how it is around here, and the ones who have teased you are really pussycats & love everyone here

    So you're a dragon babyfur? Wouldn't that be a baby-scale? Or is there a more cuddly type of dragon that I haven't met before? (I hope so)

    Art, eh? What sort of things do you draw? maybe show us some examples?

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    Well, it's easier to use the widely-accepted terms. Because if I start calling myself a "Babyscaly", people be like "WTF where is my torch and pitchfork?" and then I don't want that D:

    Also, honestly, I'm not gonna show the art I have right now. It's mostly drawn for another community, and I don't want any crossover, because... Yeah, that's a good enough reason by itself o_o. However, when I get a little better, I'll probably post here.

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    welcome, and if you don't mind me asking, what sort of art do you do? you said drawing right? well then what sort of drawings? human, abstract ,fantasy? ,and maybe tell us more about yourself, you know as in occupation, what you have as a hobby, what you enjoy, ect ,ect.. sorry if i'm being rood or anything, but the only details i got about you is that your a dude babyscale who wants to draw art better.

    so anyway have a good time here

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