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Thread: how to make diapers hold more?

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    Default how to make diapers hold more?

    Is it true that if you take the adult diaper and rub the cotton in the diaper it holds more? I have done that and i don't know how it holds more that way

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    I never heard of this, not sure how it would hold more by doing this.

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    I have heard about this thing to. But i dont know if its work.

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    I think it makes it hould less as your rubbing apart the pulp and the SAP. The pulp is the thing that instantly gathers urine, SAP sucks it in and drys the pulp.

    Also if it was true, don't you think diaper companies would do this while making the diaper anyways? Or that you wouldn't need to ask?

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    If the diaper is made of cotton, rubbing it probably won't make any difference.

    If it's a disposable diaper, I've found that gently flexing the pulp/SAP before taping it on means that the pulp/SAP is less compressed and absorbs & wicks more rapidly. But I doubt there's any way to increase the capacity without adding more absorbent material.

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    Rubbing it won't help, but giving it a gentle shake when you take it out of the packet will help. Don't go mad - you don't want to rearrange the filling, just fluff it up a bit.

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    I do it to smooth out the folds before I tape up. The capacity is already determined by the manufacturing process. It also helps to prevent clumping with better diapers.

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    The shaking won't increase the overall capacity but it does help them wick better, so you'll use more of the padding before leaking out the sides.

    The only true way to increase the overall capacity is to use a stuffer or booster.

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