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Thread: First post for me... A CHALLENGE FOR YOU!!!

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    Lightbulb First post for me... A CHALLENGE FOR YOU!!!

    Well HI Everybody!

    d3vian7 here for his first post on Adisc. Now I have a question, and it is simply this...

    "Orca stack" I know what it is and all that shizzle. However, there are absolutely ZERO pictures or videos of this mythical creation. There is one tutorial and its only text so its a bit hard to follow. Now as for the challenge,
    Find or make a tutorial on the "Orca stack"!
    hopefully we can resurrect this long lost way of diapering up.

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    This is indeed a challenge worth pursuing! but you should really go to the introduction section first and tell us about yourself. Hope you have fun here.

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    I have never heard of this, ever.

    sounds like something totally unrelated to diapers anyways. Plus really wouldn't it be double diapering anyhow?

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